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What Perfume Does Kate Middleton Wear?

What Perfume Does Kate Middleton Wear?

Elegant, timeless, feminine - these are all words that may spring to mind when one thinks of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Since marrying Prince William in 2011, Princess Kate has often gone viral for her fashion and beauty choices, often selling out whatever sleek dress or glossy lipstick she’s wearing at any given time. She’s undoubtedly a style icon of our times, often topping “best dressed” lists all over the globe, and high street retailers always jump at the opportunity to create pieces inspired by her fashion, but at a cheaper price for us mere mortals.

On the day it's said she smells amazing. So, what was she wearing?

Naturally, the Princess’ fragrance is also a highly coveted item, with fans of the Duchess clamouring to get a hint of what her eau de parfume of choice might be. It’s said that Buckingham Palace keeps the royals’ beauty regimes under tight wraps, but that hasn’t stopped beauty editors everywhere from investigating what it could be . People on social media were desperate to find out what she had chosen, too.

While many people cooed over her photographs on Getty images - Vogue revealed that it was (of course) the iconic Orange Blossom by Jo Malone, as such it's been dubbed the Kate Middleton Perfume. If you’re after a bit of royal perfume in your life, read on for the low down on the Princess’ fragrance!

What scent is in Kate Middleton’s perfume?

It’s only natural that Kate Middleton's favourite perfume is as elegant as she is, so you won't be shocked to find out that not one single lily of the valley scented parfum was used on her wedding day. Instead, her favourite Jo Malone perfume is as you can imagine, graceful, discerning, and light. The symbology of the flower and fruit combo has long been attributed to royalty, which is why wearing it on the day of the royal wedding was such a profound moment.

The clean crisp smells of clementine flowers give it a bright, sweet opening. At the heart is white lilac, a more spicy floral that complements it perfectly. The base note is orriswood, which is a woody, almost powdery accord that feels sophisticated.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne is described as an elegant, citrusy floral with a hint of spice. Despite its deep, woody notes, it’s still a simple fragrance that’s lifted by its zest and freshness. While the heart and base notes give an earthy intrigue, the top notes have a sparkling crispness that smells like a field of fresh flowers, an orange grove, or a cool gin and tonic in the sun - it’s no wonder Kate loves it so much! 

What is it made up of?

With notes of clementine flower, it provides a clean, yet zesty floral with some deeper notes giving it body and intrigue. Even though it's an uncomplicated fragrance, boring it is not - it oozes the alluring sophistication that Jo Malone’s fragrances are known for, but without being overpowering.  The rich orange blossom cologne has a heady jasmine centre is accented by lively floral citrus notes, while a touch of earthy vetiver gives it an enticing depth. Like a lot of light floral perfumes, it’s almost a “my skin, but better” mixture - it’s fresh and delicate, but with a lingering presence of clementine-flower-white-lilac and white gardenia petals that’ll have people thinking about it long after you’ve walked by. 

It’s also a fantastic for layering, since its soft notes play well with many other perfumes without overpowering them, and allows that air of elegance to take centre stage. This makes it a perfect scent for anyone who wants to make that regal vibe personal! By using a layering technique, you’re sure to make an impact by creating something that’s unique to you, while still exuding magnetism.

Why is Orange Blossom a royal scent?

The royal family can’t help but set trends - Meghan Markle’s affinity for a cape gown meant that suddenly they were popping up all over the high street, and Kate Middleton’s modest wedding dress was a fashion moment that cemented sophisticated wedding dresses as an iconic trend that people still yearn for to this day. A future Queen's seal of approval is a powerful thing - anything it touches becomes an instant classic, thanks to the royals’ demure, elegant choices in both fashion and beauty - once it was revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge wore Bobbi Brown’s lipstick in Sandwash Pink on her wedding day, it instantly sold out at makeup counters all over the world.  

Their fragrances are no different, but while makeup and clothes can be seen by royal spectators, a favourite fragrance is a much more personal thing that requires more sleuthing on the part of beauty efforts. But given that she even had Westminster Abbey decked out with the matching candles of the same fragrance for her wedding day, it wasn’t a huge jump to find that she loves the fragrance too.

For regal appeal, this perfume oozes opulence, (which is why Jo Malone is such a fave amongst royalty), thanks to its top note of clementine flower. It’s a light floral similar to neroli, its delicate herbaceousness blends well with plenty of other ingredients to give any scent a touch of spring-like freshness. This citrus element is also extremely versatile since they range from light and fresh to deep and sensual, which makes this scent great for the royals - it can take them seamlessly from a daytime engagement to an evening event. 

Can anyone wear it?

While this Kate Middleton perfume might feel girlish, it's actually incredibly unisex. It’s said that it can range from lighter and crisper to deep and smokier, making it perfect for princes as well as princesses! The various ways this fragrance can be interpreted make it the perfect unisex scent.

Given its similarity to neroli, it also smells expensive - and what says “regality” more than that? It adds an irresistible allure to any fragrance it touches, and it’s in some of the world’s most popular and iconic fragrances. Neroli, and its similar ingredients like orange blossom, are also natural mood lifters - and it can be used as a natural relaxer, so it’s bound to put a smile on your face, as well as those around you. 

But if you don’t have a palace’s budget to splash, don’t panic - we’ve got plenty of alternatives that will soon become your favourite too.

Which perfumes smell like Jo Malone Orange Blossom?


Inspired by Creed Silver Mountain Water, our dupe is the perfect alternative to Kate Middleton’s perfume! Balancing bright citrus notes of zesty mandarin and bergamot with a herby base of green tea, SMW captures all the elegance and crispness of the royal perfume without the princess price tag. It’s a bright, sunny fragrance with an alluring base that any princess would go wild for, and we think it’s a flawless choice for anyone who wants to evoke the elegance and glow of Kate Middleton herself.

Mandarin is truly the star of the show, perfectly encapsulating the clementine flower notes of the Duchess’ scent of choice. Its vibrant citrus gives a hit of zest right away, making it perfect if you want that summery freshness all year round. Bergamot only accentuates this instant mood-lifter, its piquant making it impossible to ignore. To imitate the woody base notes, green tea adds a fragrant background to this fragrance, rounding it out with elegance and intrigue.

It also lasts all day long, so you won’t have to worry about topping up while you're busy with your own royal engagements. 


For regal sophistication and an air of heritage, you can’t go wrong with GI, our version of Green Irish Tweed. It's timelessness transcends seasons, it’s a classic for a reason and another fantastic alternative to Kate Middleton’s perfume.

Complex and unique, this “inspired by” dupe of a much more expensive scent is bold, fresh and intriguing. It’s reminiscent of a crisp spring morning, with a citrusy opening that shifts into deeper, more romantic floral notes.

Lemon provides that fresh top note, just like the clementine flower, it provides you with an instant zap of zest. Its sharpness is complemented by the heart notes of violet and lavender - seductive florals that add an unmistakable allure and an effortless sensuality. At the base is sandalwood and ambergris, two powerhouse ingredients that are highly sought after for their deep green headyness that gives a musky smokiness.

The composition of GI - freshness that blends with unique florals and woody warmth - perfectly captures the essence of Orange Blossom, only without the designer price tag. We think the royals would love it, and we think you will too - grab a bottle and feel the crown on your head when you smell it. 

Just Neroli

This vibrant floral blend, which was inspired by Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, is the ideal choice to mimic the Duchess of Cambridge’s signature perfume! While it’s crisp and fresh, it also has an alluring depth that’ll have people bowing to you. 

A lively blend of uplifting lemon, mandarin and bergamot evokes a bold, zesty freshness that grabs attention straight away. It’s an instant dash of brightness, and it’ll definitely lift your mood from the first spritz. Much like Jo Malone Orange Blossom, the citrus then shifts into a deep, seductive and slightly bitter background of jasmine, neroli and rosemary, conjuring up a luxurious sophistication fit for a princess with its hint of spice. Neroli is also one of the most expensive perfume oils in the world, costing up to £300 per ounce, which only adds to the expensive, regal feel of this fragrance. 

Just Neroli is also heady and potent, so it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go, whether it’s a sunny holiday or as a wintertime reminder of sunnier days. It’ll definitely give you that “glow” that Princess Kate has, and people will be dying to know what perfume you’re wearing .


Inspired by Tom Ford Black Orchid, this dupe is a well-balanced blend of interesting scents that come together to make an alluring composition that we just know Kate would love. As iconic as the original is, our dupe is identical, but at a fraction of the price.

Its blackcurrant top notes offer unexpected sweet freshness, a vivacious scent that hooks you in with its unique take on the crispness often associated with citrus. It’s very similar to the clementine flower in the Joe Malone original, but with a juicier feel to it that makes it seductive and elegant.

Gardenia and ylang ylang's delicate heart notes, which offer a spicy kind of sweetness, counterbalance the fruity top notes, adding an air of mystery and luxury. As it sets, patchouli notes start to show up, giving it a musky, earthy, and honey-like finish that adds to its timeless allure while also lending it a feeling of entrancement.

Orchid’s sensual sweetness is perfect for those who want that royal perfume feel while also giving off an understated sensuality. Whether it’s a glam night out or a cosy evening in with a loved one, Orchid evokes a sense of majesty that’s impossible to miss. 


Grey, our tribute to Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, is elegant, refined, and bold; much like the classic, it exudes refinement, and it’s undoubtedly fit for a royal like Kate Middleton.

Tart grapefruit and orange blossom top notes, along with sage, mingle for a distinctively fruity and herbaceous spin on zesty aromas. Heart notes of nutmeg, orris root and pimento follow to add a spicy background that irresistibly blends with the sharp top notes, creating a unique smell that’s unlike anything else. Finally, the base notes take centre stage - woody cedar and warm amber give this majestic fragrance an enticing depth, as well as, of course, vetiver. Vetiver is a dry and earthy smell, similar to lemongrass or citronella, and it blends well with citrusy notes to give anything it touches a hint of elegance.

 If it’s understated elegance you’re after, then Grey is the one to go for. It’s sleek and modest rather than juicy and zesty, just like Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom that Kate loves so much. It’s also incredibly adaptable - regardless of the season, the event, or even your mood, Grey will make anywhere feel like a palace.

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