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Can you take Perfume on a Plane?

Can you take Perfume on a Plane?

As much as we all love a good holiday, heading off on a little city break or sunny escape can be incredibly stressful.

There’s weighing your baggage, making sure you’ve got your passport…and then there’s the tiny plastic bag where your cosmetics are confined. 

There’s a whole heap of rules and regulations around what liquids you can and can’t take on a plane and how they need to be packed, which can only add to the stress when you’re in the queue at the security gate. Undoubtedly, this is the key concern of many perfume enthusiasts: "Can I carry perfume on a plane?" 

The answer is yes! You are allowed to take perfumes into the aircraft cabin and carry them with you in your hand luggage, but there are rules and regulations that need to be adhered to (more on that later!) if you don’t want your precious perfumes to end up staying in departures. So read on, because we’re going to break down everything you need to know about taking perfume on a plane. 

Why you should bring perfume on a plane

With all these mandates and laws, it can be tempting to just not bring any perfume with you at all. But there are so many reasons why packing perfume to take on holiday is a brilliant idea!

One big reason lies in the science and psychology of scent. Unlike any of our other senses, smell is perhaps most strongly associated with memory. Those who possess full olfactory function, ie. the ability to smell, may be able to recall certain fragrances that bring back memories, such as the scent of sun cream conjuring images of beach picnics and seaside jaunts. 

Bringing perfume on your travels is a great way to create memories you can come back to again and again, regardless of the season or weather, as every time you smell that perfume, you’ll be transported back to your trip and be able to relive the memories of sun-soaked shopping and dinners on balmy nights. 

Scent is also extremely emotive. Perfumes are often created to evoke a range of emotions, and they’re extremely important when creating memories that’ll last long after your holiday. You might want to choose a scent that seems reminiscent of where you’re going or just a scent you really love. Either way, when you get a sniff of it in the future, you’re sure to remember your trip and all the memories you created. 

How to pack perfume for carry-on luggage

100 ml is the maximum amount of liquid that can be transported in hand luggage on board a plane. In other words, you can transport many items in various containers as long as each one has a maximum capacity of 100 ml. Another thing to keep in mind is that some restrictions state that the total amount of liquid being carried onto a plane must not exceed 1 litre - in other words, each container may hold no more than 100 ml, and the sum of all containers may not be greater than 1 litre. All your liquids also need to be in a 20cm x 20cm clear polythene bag, but don’t worry if you don’t have one at home - the majority of airports supply them. 

Which perfumes are airport appropriate

There are many ways of packing perfume on a plane that comply with regulations, as well as some incredible scents that just scream “holiday!”

Best Seller Mixed Sample Bundle

A great way to take a selection of perfumes with you, our sample bundle features some of our most-loved perfumes in 2ml containers. With six in a pack, that adds up to only 12ml, meaning there’s plenty of space left to pack any other liquids you want to take, like cosmetics or shower products. The tiny tubes will take up barely any room in your carry-on, and with six unique scents, you’re able to play with the different perfumes and find one (or more!) that’s going to remind you of your holiday for years to come. And then you can buy the full size when you come back, so you can always spritz yourself back to your trip!

The bundle features the following scents:


This gorgeous aftershave, inspired by Dior Sauvage, is an instant classic for a reason. It’s a fantastic option if you're seeking an aftershave that is both alluring and manly. 

Our amazing dupe is bursting with energising and fresh tones, making it ideal for everyday use. Bergamot, a citrus that is fresh and woodsy and is present in the top notes, lends the wearer an air of summery vitality. Bergamot is a refined option for any event because it is one of the most popular citrus scents, often called “the prince of citrus”, and it adds a stunning freshness to any fragrance it features in. Pink pepper gives a tinge of spice that wonderfully balances this aftershave, while the flowery lavender and vetiver notes contribute to this effect by helping to produce a sweet opening that is reminiscent of a spring breeze.

Pack this perfume in your hand luggage and make this iconic scent personal to you by spritzing it on before you go out for some holiday cocktails!


Senorita is inspired by Aventus For Her. It’s a confident scent that is delicious and fresh, much like the original - so it’s perfect to bring in your carry-on bag.

Just like the original, Senorita opens with top notes of green apple, bergamot, and lemon. The three work together to produce a delicious, citrussy aroma that is as clean and crisp as a bright, sunny morning. Senorita's heart notes, which include woody and floral notes, give the scent depth and intrigue. Tempting, intoxicating scents of sandalwood, musk, and sweet rose are blended together, and the base notes of lavender, blackcurrant, and amber provide a perfume that is fresh and springlike while also being sweet, seductive, and slightly exotic.

Senorita is a long-lasting smell for women that may be worn all day (and night) long. It’s perfect for summer, giving you a fresh take on femininity that you can wear for a beach day as well as a sunset dinner. It’s also appropriate all year, so when you get home, you can wear it to the office and dream of your next holiday. 


Orchid is a blend of sensual, enticing, and sophisticated pleasures. Our dupe, inspired by Tom Ford Black Orchid, replicates the original's rich and alluring accords without the designer price. 

Much like the original, Orchid is a harmonious mix of intriguing scents that combine to create a captivating composition. Truffle and blackcurrant top notes offer unexpected and alluringly sweet, nutty, and earthy accords.

These are balanced out by the delicate heart notes of gardenia and ylang ylang, which produce an exotic and exuberant sweetness tinted with spice. Patchouli notes begin to emerge as the smell settles, giving it a musky, earthy, and honey finish that gives it an air of mystery in addition to its eternal charm.

Orchid is a captivating, even bewitching aroma that is impossible to resist. It’s perfect for sensual summer nights when the sun begins to dip below the horizon, so having a little bottle in your hand luggage is a holiday essential. 

Oud Wood

Oud Wood is the seductive choice that will take you to another dimension if you're looking to bring a strong and enticing dose of magic to your holiday.

The irresistible warmth of our dupe, which is inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood, will beguile anyone who smells it. The top notes include oud and rosewood, which are floral and smokey at the same time, smelling like delicate, fragrant incense. Distinctive cardamom and pepper act as the centre notes, while sandalwood and woody vetiver add enticing depth to the base, Vanilla gives a hint of seductive sweetness, and this magical blend will shift and change throughout the day, and paired with its super long-lasting formula, it’s perfect to take from daytime shopping to nighttime partying. 

Oud Wood is a unique and alluring scent to take on holiday, so make sure you’ve packed this perfume before you check in!


Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540, our dupe delivers a seductive floral and spicy blend with a tantalizing fusion of saffron, jasmine, and amber wood. The cedarwood, fir, and ambergris in its base notes give it an intensity that distinguishes you from anyone else in the airport.

Although the original is regarded as one of the most exclusive scents on the market, you may still have that aura of grandeur and exclusivity for a far more reasonable price tag. Additionally, it has a strong aroma, ideal for an air of unapologetic elegance.

Its heady spice will draw attention wherever you go, whether it's the beach or the bar. Its deep florals shift and change throughout the day, allowing the woody base notes to take centre stage, creating an intoxicating scent that’ll have people turning heads constantly. 

Having this in your checked luggage will immediately make you feel like a superstar as soon as you get your passport out, making it the ideal scent for adding a touch of luxury to your travels.


Aventus, one of the world's most recognisable perfumes, inspired Executive, one of our most popular scents.

Patchouli provides Executive with an enchanting glow that will leave you feeling like you're ready to tackle the globe, especially when blended with unmistakably fruity notes of pineapple, blackcurrant, and bergamot. The rich earthy patchouli and the gentle crispness of the top notes combine to provide a perfume that is fresh yet deep, gentle yet powerful, making for a distinctive mix that is guaranteed to draw attention.

If there’s one scent to pack in your suitcase, it’s Executive - there’s a reason it’s one of our best sellers, and taking this in your luggage is bound to ensure it’ll be a holiday to remember. 

Here’s some other perfumes that are essential to have in your carry-on!


Inspired by Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, this bold floral concoction is the perfect perfume to take on holiday. 

Citrus aromas of lemon, mandarin, and bergamot give off a delicious freshness that makes you think of refreshing drinks in the sun, while jasmine, neroli, and rosemary enter to provide a rich, seductive background that takes this scent to the next level. This evocative scent evokes images of shimmering, jewel-like seas, blazing sunshine, and a traditional opulence that conjures images of old-school Bond films. 

Neroli is the one for warm summer nights all year long, so make sure this is in your case when you head off somewhere sunny!


Tom Ford Soleil Blanc is as sunny and summery as they come, and our dupe, Blanc, is no different!

People have said it smells like a luxurious version of sun cream, so it’s an ideal scent to make memories with. A nutty, earthy aroma is created by the unusual mixture of scents, including peppery cardamom and pistachio, while jasmine, ylang-ylang, and tuberose give it an intriguing dimension. Warm amber, fresh coconut, and sweet tonka bean give it a creamy, skin-like scent, and spraying this on will never fail to make you feel like you’re on a luxury summertime break. 

It’s an enthralling day-to-night option, and having this on the plane will only intensify that carefree holiday feeling!


If it’s a fresh, unique, leathery perfume that you want to pack in your hand luggage, 33 is our pick of the bunch.

Inspired by Le Labo’s iconic scent, this intoxicating blend of sandalwood and cardamom evokes spicy yet herby notes, while the leather gives it an alluring depth. Its crisp top notes shift into deep wood as the day goes on, making this an ideal choice for day-to-night wear. It’s unlike anything else out there, so you’ll be sure to turn heads in the airport if you take this on the plane!

Whether it’s a sun-soaked destination or an autumn city break, 33 will take you back to your travels every time you smell it. 

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