Inspired by  Aventus
Best Seller Sample Bundle (Male)
Inspired by  Oud Wood
Inspired by  Sauvage
Inspired by  Baccarat Rouge 540
Inspired by  Neroli Portofino
Inspired by  Tobacco Vanille
Inspired by  Black Orchid
Best Seller Mixed Sample Bundle
Inspired by  Colonia Intensa Oud
Inspired by  Silver Mountain Water
Inspired by  Green Irish Tweed
Inspired by  Aventus Cologne
Inspired by  Fabulous
Inspired by  Virgin Island Water
Inspired by  Viking
Inspired by  Tuscan Leather
Inspired by  Santal 33
Inspired by  Spicebomb
Inspired by  Lost Cherry
Inspired by  Noir de Noir
New Releases Sample Bundle
Inspired by  Ombre Leather
Inspired by  Soleil Blanc
Inspired by  Himalaya
Inspired by  Millesime Imperial
Inspired by  Oud Fleur
Inspired by  Noir Extreme
Inspired by  Neroli Sauvage
Inspired by  Grey Vetiver
Inspired by  Original Vetiver
Inspired by  Costa Azzura
Inspired by  Bois Marocain
Inspired by  Original Santal
Inspired by  Tuscan Leather Extreme
Inspired by  Velvet Orchid
Inspired by  Lavender Extreme
Inspired by  Café Rose
Inspired by  Erolfa
Inspired by  Sahara Noir

The Best Aftershaves For Men

Wearing a fragrance for men brings a new dimension to your character and can help define it too. Our wonderful selection of best aftershaves for men include popular classic fragrances that are elegant and timeless, whilst others are mellow, woody and aromatic. Some of our men’s fragrances are light, fresh and sporty and others are for those who are feeling confident or even slightly rebellious. Some of our smells simply ooze masculinity... Made by experts, our men's fragrances are created using perennially popular scents such as amber, cedarwood, musk and vanilla, blended with crisp, fresh smells of lemongrass, coconut water and even seawater.

Aftershave may be invisible, but it's the most potent accessory a man can wear. In reality, according to psychology, the sense of smell is the perception closest to memory. This means that your fragrance will play a huge role when you need to leave a lasting impression on someone. There's no better way to imprint yourself on a friend, stranger, lover, or crush than with our vast range of scents and men's aftershaves.

Get a Signature Men's Fragrance

At Copycat, we understand the need for man to have a signature scent because it says a lot about who you are. Your aftershave is an integral part of your outfit. It can have as unforgettable an impression on the people around you as would a designer suit.

Every Man Should Smell Amazing No Matter His Pay Grade

We went ahead and investigated some of the most classic and exclusive perfume brands for men and found that they were on the expensive side. We believe everyone should have access to the best scents, so, went looking for a solution. Our aim? To produce cheaper aftershave that retains the wonderful scents of the best male fragrance products.

From our research, we found out that even though the ingredients for making the smells were exotic, they still didn’t account for the high prices that men were paying for the premium brands. Our solution is to give you the same scents of exclusive aftershaves in cheaper bottles through our line of fragrances for men.

Wide Range of Aftershave For Men to Choose From

Depending on your taste, we have aftershaves for any occasion or event. We have fragrances that are sporty and fresh for those that want to give off such an appeal. Some others will make you feel confident and give you a feel of pure masculinity. Our experts make these smells by carefully selecting ingredients that give off masculine notes such as pine or leather-based notes. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to stick to one perfume or change it frequently; there is a product for you.

Low Prices for Great Men's Perfume

It's time to find your signature scent. Go through our catalogue and select whichever scent you've always wanted to wear but couldn't afford. Our inventory is continuously growing, and we always try to add more men's aftershave based on designer brands at affordable prices. Order for some of the world’s famous scents today at a low price.