Inspired by Aventus
Inspired by Best Seller Sample Bundle (Male)
Inspired by Oud Wood
Inspired by Sauvage
Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540
Inspired by Neroli Portofino
Inspired by Tobacco Vanille
Inspired by Black Orchid
Inspired by Best Seller Mixed Sample Bundle
Inspired by Colonia Intensa Oud
Inspired by Silver Mountain Water
Inspired by Green Irish Tweed
Inspired by Aventus Cologne
Inspired by Fabulous
Inspired by Virgin Island Water
Inspired by Tuscan Leather
Inspired by Viking
Inspired by Santal 33
Inspired by Spicebomb
Inspired by Lost Cherry
Inspired by Noir de Noir
Inspired by Millesime Imperial
Inspired by Ombre Leather
Inspired by Soleil Blanc
Inspired by Himalaya
Inspired by Noir Extreme
Inspired by Neroli Sauvage
Inspired by Oud Fleur
Inspired by Costa Azzura
Inspired by Grey Vetiver
New Releases Sample Bundle
Inspired by Tuscan Leather Extreme
Inspired by Bois Marocain
Inspired by Café Rose
Inspired by Erolfa
Inspired by Original Santal
Inspired by Velvet Orchid
Inspired by Original Vetiver
Inspired by Lavender Extreme
Inspired by Sahara Noir
Wearing a fragrance for men brings a new dimension to your character and can help define it too. Our wonderful selection of best aftershaves for men include popular classic fragrances that are elegant and timeless, whilst others are mellow, woody and aromatic. Some of our men’s fragrances are light, fresh and sporty and others are for those who are feeling confident or even slightly rebellious. Some of our fragrances simply ooze masculinity... Made by experts, our fragrances for men are created using perennially popular scents such as amber, cedarwood, musk and vanilla, blended with crisp, fresh smells of lemongrass, coconut water and even seawater. The resulting stylish and affordable fragrances are perfect for you to wear for all occasions. Applying aftershave should be part of your daily routine. After shaving, pour a small amount of aftershave in your palm, rub your hands together and then gently massage your face with your hands. Not only will your skin smell really good, aftershave effectively hydrates and soothes your skin too. So whether you have an important meeting at work, a challenging sports fixture or an evening planned when you want to enhance your seductive masculinity, why not choose one of our alluring fragrances to enhance your mood