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Copycat Fragrances was born from one simple idea – why couldn’t perfumes and aftershaves be cheaper? Some of the world’s best-loved scents were so expensive; why exactly were we all being charged so much?

In 2017, our founder, Josh White, started investigating the situation. He found that, while many of the leading fragrances used costly ingredients, it still didn’t justify the expense. In fact, most of the time, people were paying premium prices just for a brand name.

So Josh decided to do things a bit differently. Working with a team of expert fragrance-developers, he identified the ingredients in five of the bestselling designer colognes and perfumes. Then, he set about recreating their distinctive aroma, without imitating them entirely.

By remaining relatively faithful to the originals, and substituting a only a small percentage of ingredients, Josh and his team were able to create fragrances that were very similar to their designer counterparts.

He sold the initial batch in an incredibly short amount of time. Then the next batch. Then the next. In those early days, the company’s reputation was largely cultivated via word of mouth. People liked what Copycat Fragrances were doing, and wanted to know more.

Customers also wanted more options. Requests started flying in, to develop other much-loved designer scents. Josh and his team got back to the drawing board once again, and started developing their collection.
Just two years later, the range had grown exponentially – from five scents to nearly 50. Even better, it still continues to expand. Copycat Fragrances are continually researching new fragrances, then identifying how to offer cost-effective versions to their customers.
It’s a simple formula, but devastatingly effective. Top quality scents, minus the price tag. That’s the Copycat Fragrances motto for life.