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What fragrance does Harry Styles wear?

What fragrance does Harry Styles wear?

It’s safe to say that the world has fallen head over heels for Harry Styles. Long gone are the days when he was a fresh-faced sixteen-year-old on The X Factor, he’s now a global superstar, both in the music industry and Hollywood. Praised for his catchy, retro-feel music, and his personal style and image, which often breaks traditional gender norms, Styles has cemented himself as a modern cultural icon. 

Along with his icon status has come the adoration of the public, with many of his fans jumping at the opportunity to dress like him. It’s no surprise - Harry is both charming and edgy, appealing to the masses while still retaining his own individuality, something that’s no doubt played a part in his global success and status as a heartthrob. 

But, what about his signature scent?

Since his image is such a huge element of his global superstardom, it’s no surprise that Harry Styles has been open about fragrance, often name-dropping designer brands with scents that complement his rugged allure and cheeky vibe. Harry has a unique fashion sense that combines smart tailoring with cool, contemporary accents that give off a casual but confident vibe. And his fragrance is no different - just like the rest of us, Harry has signature scents that blend well with his personality and who he is. 

But if you think you have to spend a fortune to smell like Harry, don’t worry, darling - keep reading if you want to know how to smell like a superstar without the Hollywood price tag!

Which perfume does Harry Styles wear?

There are two fragrances that Harry Styles has been reported to be a fan of, both classics in their own way, and popular due to how incredible they smell.

The first is Gucci’s Mémoire d’une Odeur. It’s a newer scent, released in 2019, but is already well-loved by the rich and famous due to its unisex scent and Gucci label. Harry has reportedly shown a preference for this scent on numerous occasions even becoming the face of the fragrance when it was released, his boyish charm perfectly complementing the perfume’s art deco-style bottle. 

Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur

Mémoire d’une Odeur is the first unisex scent from the high-end fashion label, and it’s an earthy, sensual, ethereal blend meant to evoke a starry night. It’s described as both familiar and unique, comforting and alluring. It’s a wonderful scent regardless of season, and it’s a light, fresh scent that’s versatile and unique. Roman chamomile, a fragrance note distinctive to the Gucci brand, and Indian coral jasmine are used effectively in this Gucci fragrance to create a perfume that can be worn and loved by anyone. It also contains musk and sandalwood, two ingredients with a smoky allure that gives the cologne depth and mystery. 

Mémoire d'une Odeur is a sunny scent with a delicate but complex fragrance. It’s a wonderful choice of fragrance for any daytime occasion, due to its reminiscence of summery, breezy weather. However, for something more understated during the night, this perfume is also fantastic - its brightness is energetic and playful, and perfect for night-time. 

Harry Styles has even admitted to sleeping in the cologne, saying “I like a fragrance with some emotion behind it.” Harry claims that the fragrance is reminiscent of the perfume his mother used to wear, so it’s no surprise that the superstar loves it. It shows us how personal perfume can be, and how important scent is in the way we connect smells to memories. 

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

The other eau de parfum that Harry loves is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, a fragrance as iconic as the singer himself. 

Launched by the luxury brand way back in 2007, Tobacco Vanille is still popular fifteen years on, its warm, opulent scent speaking for itself. Allegedly, it was inspired by Tom Ford’s love of London and is meant to evoke the vibe of an English gentleman’s club. Tobacco is a classic category of scent, which the designer has reinvented in a way to bring tobacco scents into the modern day, by blending it with sweet ingredients to make a contrast that works spectacularly.

Tobacco leaf and tonka bean notes are delicately harmonised in this opulent and beautiful fragrance to create a dark yet sweet scent. The rich foundation, which contains dried fruits and aromatic wood notes, combines with hints of velvety vanilla and delicate chocolate to provide a cocoa-like, mellow note that is almost like a cashmere-esque fragrance. This scent is opulent-smelling yet not overpowering for everyday use. Perfectly balancing smoky, spicy, and sweet, this heady blend is iconic for a reason.

It’s deep yet soothing, dark but charming, and perfectly unisex for anyone who wants to showcase a mixture of strength, confidence, and sweetness. Its blend of elegance and comfort makes it truly unique, and it’s wearable both day and night. It’ll make a statement either way, so it fits Harry Styles to a tee - unique and individual with an unmistakable character, but also classic and traditional, much like how his fashion sense mixes traditional shapes and silhouettes with bright colours and statement accents. 

People are captivated by Tobacco Vanille by its singular ability to encapsulate all that the Tom Ford brand is known for. And it is simple to understand why Harry adores this fragrance so much given its outstanding longevity - a quick spritz in the morning will keep its notes doing their magic all day and night.

Which eau de parfum smells like Harry Styles’ cologne?

If you want to smell like Harry Styles but don't have a celebrity budget, fear not! We have several perfume dupes that will give you a Hollywood scent for a far lower price, and you'll get just as many compliments as Harry while wearing them. You can experiment with many scents to determine which one you prefer and which one makes YOU feel like a rock star. So, if you're looking for something suitable for men and women, read on for our inspired by fragrances that'll make you smell like Styles.


If Harry’s choice of Tobacco Vanille sounds like your perfect scent, then TV is an ideal choice as a reasonably priced dupe! Harry’s scent is all yours to make your own, and once you smell it, you’ll realise why the singer loves it so much.  

TV is a warm and earthy fusion of spicy tobacco leaf and sweet tonka bean top notes, which instantly hook whoever’s smelling it with the unique way they blend together. Sweet vanilla and chocolate are found in the heart, which together creates a seductive gourmand that smells opulent and elegant. Dried fruits and other types of wood are present in the base, which gives TV's perfume a unique depth and richness. These four elements combine to provide a scent that is wonderfully cosy, warm, and elegant. It is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional tobacco aroma that conjures up richness and pleasure.

Regardless of whether you wear this scent during the day or on a night out, whether you want to wear it subtly or as the dominating point of your outfit, TV’s similarity to Tobacco Vanille is undeniable. So, if you want to tap into Harry’s sweeter, richer side, TV is the one for you!


For something similar to Mémoir d’une Odeur, look no further than Executive. 

As a dupe for Creed Aventus, Executive is one of our best sellers, and as soon as you get a sniff of it, you’ll see why. 

The way the fresh top notes shift into deeper, woodier base notes is reminiscent of Gucci’s high-end scent, and it’ll definitely make you stand out from the throng. Pineapple, blackcurrant, and bergamot give you an immediate rush of lemony freshness that’ll grab attention and pull people in as if you were in your own Hollywood movie. As the fragrance develops and settles throughout the day, the base notes of patchouli give it a sexy edge that perfectly complements the citrus, and we’re sure Harry would love it as much as he loves the Gucci scent!

Its powerful aroma conjures up images of strength, power, and achievement - which is exactly what Harry’s all about. It's ideal when you want to make a quiet impression on those around you while still standing out from the crowd, and if you want the same magnetism as Harry Styles, you can’t go wrong with Executive.


Another scent with a similar vibe to Mémoire d’une Odeur is Grey, our “inspired by” version of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Its understated glamour and the flawless blend of citrus and wood is reminiscent of the Gucci scent that Harry loves so much, and we reckon he’d love this one too.  

Sage, tangy grapefruit, and orange blossom top notes combine with zesty fragrances to create a distinctly delicious and herbal scent. Following the crisp top notes, nutmeg, orris root, and pimento offer a spicy backdrop that irresistibly combines with them to create a distinctive perfume that is unmatched by anything else. The base notes, which include vetiver, give this showstopping fragrance an elegant depth, followed by woodsy cedar and warm amber. Similar to lemongrass or citronella, vetiver has an earthy, dry scent that works well with zesty notes for a sense of casual elegance. 

If a versatile scent packed full of sophistication and intrigue is what makes you feel like a rock star, then Grey is a no-brainer.


Harry’s love of Tobacco Vanille, a classic scent with a unique twist, means we think he’d love DS. This is our dupe for Dior Sauvage, having the same unmistakable scent and envious lasting power as the original, but without Dior’s prices.

DS is a fantastic option if you're seeking a cologne that is both alluring and fresh. Our dupe is bursting with energising and fresh notes, making it ideal for everyday use, especially if you’re about to jump on stage or party all night! Bergamot, a citrus that is crisp and woodsy, is present in the top notes and lends the wearer an air of summery vitality. Bergamot is a refined option for any event because it is one of the most well-loved scents in the perfume industry for its zesty brightness and unrivaled scent. Pink pepper gives a tinge of spice that wonderfully balances this dupe, while the flowery lavender and vetiver notes contribute to this effect by helping to produce a sweet opening that is reminiscent of the fresh morning air. 

Even though it has a spicy, peppery scent, citrus gives it a clean, stylish background that makes it inviting to anybody who encounters it. Its bold scent is impossible to ignore and suits Harry Styles’ carefree, rebellious nature. 


For a scent that’s as unique and iconic as Harry Styles himself, 33 is a fresh leathery scent that’s become distinguishable by its individuality. 

Le Labo’s Santal 33 might run a sizeable price tag, but our dupe is far cheaper and has all the allure and long-lasting properties of the original. This seductive concoction of sandalwood and cardamom elicits spicy yet herby undertones, like the chamomile in Mémoire d’une Odeur, and the leather notes give it an appealing dimension. It’s an unashamedly unisex scent that’s already loved by plenty of Hollywood celebrities, and our dupe will have people intrigued by your cologne, getting you as much attention as a star on the red carpet.

This fragrance is a solid solution for day-to-night wear because as the day wears on, its sharp top notes transform into rich wood, meaning this fragrance is as versatile as Harry Styles’ unique fashion sense and irresistible charm. 

The world’s love affair with Harry isn’t going anywhere fast, and it’s understandable given the way he’s established himself as a modern musical icon. So, if you want to get a touch of that superstar scent in your life, treat yourself to one (or more!) of our dupes for a head-turning fragrance that makes a statement. 

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