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Best Fragrances for Men this Christmas

Best Fragrances for Men this Christmas

Looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life this Christmas? We’ve got you covered! Regardless of what scent he likes, we’ve got an array of “inspired by” scents that smell exactly like their designer counterparts at a fraction of the price. Whether it’s a stocking filler, a lavish gesture, or just a token of your affection, perfume is the perfect gift to give someone you want to impress and uplift this Christmas. Keep reading for our top picks!


Executive - inspired by Aventus

A bestseller for good reason, Executive’s blend of fresh fruitiness with masculine earthiness has solidified this as a customer favourite. It smells almost identical to the designer scent, and has lasting power to boot. Juicy blackcurrant, zesty bergamot, and sharp lemon give this scent its compelling top notes, while heart notes of earthy patchouli and sweet pineapple accentuate the warm sweetness of this scent. Finally, base notes of oak moss, birch, and ambergris provide warmth and depth that rounds out this fragrance with sophistication. For confidence, power, and intrigue, Executive is one you can’t miss out on. 

DS - inspired by Sauvage

This iconic scent is sure to be on the Christmas list of plenty of men looking for a new signature scent, and our version can give him that for a far more reasonable price! DS’ top note of fresh bergamot perfectly mimics that of the original, while the heart notes of soothing lavender, spicy pink pepper, and woody patchouli create an intriguing heart to rival the original. The same base notes, rich vetiver and cedarwood, emerge to finish this fragrance with an enticing earthiness that’s impossible to resist. It’s popular for a reason, and you an give the man in your life a slice of that iconic status with DS.

TV - inspired by Tobacco Vanille

For a classic men’s fragrance with a modern twist, our version of Tobacco Vanille is a must-have. Tobacco leaf and tonka bean create a classic tobacco scent, before sweet vanilla and cocoa come in to give this fragrance a delicious gourmand twist. Dried fruits and woods make up the base notes, giving this aftershave an earthy freshness that’s as comforting as it is sensual. TV is truly a powerhouse scent, with its blend of classic and modern, and it’ll last all day, too! Nobody is immune to a sweet yet spicy fragrance, and TV is no exception. 


Nomade - inspired by Ombre Nomade 

With our inspired by version of Ombre Nomade, this perfume, which is a favourite among celebrities, can be yours for a fraction of the price of the original designer bottle! An incense-like scent, the fragrance notes include smoky oud wood for a sensual and mystical base. Lighter notes of rose and raspberry accentuate this woodiness with a hint of fresh sweetness for a uniquely dark scent that’ll leave anyone who smells it wanting more. It’s the perfect scent for winter, whether it’s Christmas nights out or cosy nights in. 

Noir 2 - inspired by Noir de Noir

A sexy fragrance perfect for nighttime, Noir 2 is a great addition to any man’s fragrance collection. Like the original, Noir 2 features top notes of lavender and saffron for an intriguing floral opening, while heart notes of rose and truffle give a rich sweetness. The base features sandalwood and patchouli for an unashamedly woody scent, while a touch of creamy vanilla adds a delicious warmth that’s impossible to ignore. For the man in your life who exudes mystery, give him Noir 2 this Christmas. 

Spice - inspired by Spicebomb

An explosion of earthy spice, this fragrance packs a punch to rival any other. Pink pepper and bergamot make up the top notes, giving a zesty hit of spicy citrus that’ll uplift anyone, and the heart notes of cinnamon, saffron, and paprika provide heat and intensity that’s unlike anything else. Base notes of tobacco, leather, and vetiver round out this fragrance with a musky depth that’s exactly like the original. Perfect for the man who loves making a statement, Spice is unapologetically hot and heavy. 


Grey - inspired by Grey Vetiver 

If sophistication is the name of the game, Grey is the ideal scent for day to night. Zesty yet masculine, Grey’s top notes feature grapefruit and sage for a herby freshness that’s refined and uplifting. Heart notes of nutmeg, orris root, and pimento give this fragrance a hint of herby spice, while the base notes include cedar, amber, and vetiver. These deep notes provide an earthiness that only accentuates the citrus and compliments the freshness perfectly. It’s the ideal scent for the man on the go, and it’ll seamlessly take you from the boardroom to the bar. 

Himalaya - inspired by Himalaya

Famously inspired by a trek through the Himalayan mountains, our version of this iconic scent provides all the same rugged freshness. Juicy grapefruit gives a citrus kick, while sandalwood, cedar, and ambergris provide a musky, masculine warmth that complements the sharp zestiness perfectly. If you’re looking for a fresh fragrance with a hint of earthy depth, Himalaya is a perfect choice for the man who wants to smell rough yet refined. 

VK - inspired by Viking

If the man in your life likes to think of himself as a worldly adventurer, look no further than VK! The top notes of bergamot and lemon give a hit of citrus reminiscent of springtime mornings, but it also features notes of pink pepper, clove, cedar, and vetiver for a woody herbiness that’s like fresh grass on a mountainside. What’s more, it’s got the lasting power to endure whatever adventures he chooses to go on!


33 - inspired by Santal 33

There’s truly nothing on the market like Santal 33, which has gained a cult following from plenty of celebrities and beauty editors. Our version captures that same unique scent at a far more affordable price! As fresh as it is woody, 33 features sandalwood, leather, and cardamom for an unusual scent that’ll get everyone around you talking, so you can feel like an A-lister regardless of your budget. Suitable for day or night, this versatile scent lasts as long as you do, and it’ll get you plenty of attention, too!

Cherry - inspired by Lost Cherry

This intriguing unisex fragrance is loved by many for its unique notes that are reminiscent of cherry liqueur. Sweet cherry and almond combine in the top notes for a soft, juicy opening, while heart notes of rose and plum give this scent an enticing floral tone. Sandalwood, clove, and tonka bean provide the base notes, highlighting the bittersweetness of this cherry delight. Perfect for the man who likes scents that are decidedly different!

540 - inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540

If he’s a man who loves a bit of luxury and exclusivity, he’ll love 540, our version of one of the most sought-after scents in the world. Jasmine and saffron provide a hint of floral spice in the top notes, immediately establishing this perfume’s lavish nature. The heart notes of amber and ambergris give this unisex scent an irresistible warmth, and the base notes of cedarwood and fir round this out with sophistication. Give the gift of uncompromising opulence this Christmas!

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