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The Best Perfume for Women this Christmas

The Best Perfume for Women this Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year, which means it's time to get the most wonderful woman in your life the best eau de parfum for her.

Just like every woman on the Earth, no two perfumes are alike, which is why choosing the right one can put you in a bit of a pickle. Choosing the best perfumes for women is no easy task, partly because designer fragrances cost an arm and a leg. That's why we want to help you pick not only the eau de parfum of her dreams, but save your bank account from overpriced labels. Because let's face it, if it smells like designer fragrance, then it basically is a designer fragrance, right?

And, what's more unique than buying a signature scent for your beloved?

So, if you’re after a bespoke gift for the lady in your life, you’re in the right place! With our wide variety of scents inspired by designer fragrances, you can give her the gift of smelling great at a fraction of the price. Perfume is a unique, personal and thoughtful gift, and we’ve got something for everyone’s tastes. So, if you’re looking for fragrance gift ideas for her to open on Christmas Day, keep reading! 

Floral perfumes that will set date night alight.

If the person you're buying for thinks she smells like roses, then let's give her a helping hand with this floral selection of eau de parfum that were just made for her. Choose from fruity floral scents with jasmine and rose, pink pepper and sweet orange blossom. Fresh, fragrant and better than a bunch of posies from the garage.

Fleur eau de parfum- inspired by Oud Fleur

A distinctive and enticing scent, Fleur is a deep floral fragrance that’ll please even the most distinguishing lover of flowers. Sweet and smoky oud is the centrepiece of this scent, one of the most sought-after oils in the world of fragrance, not only for its gorgeous scent but also for its ability to beautifully enhance other ingredients. Accentuated by sweet rose, warm resin, earthy patchouli, and deep sandalwood, this is a darker floral scent that’s perfect for nighttime. If she’s a woman who loves floral fragrances with a twist of mystery and earthiness, she’ll love Fleur eau de parfum for its unique spin on classic floral perfumes. 

Love W eau de parfum - inspired by Love in White

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, give her Love W this Christmas - an unapologetically floral eau de parfum that’s almost identical to the original. A heady blend of iris, narcissus, and magnolia provides a gorgeous combination that makes up the top notes, highlighted by warm ambergris and amber in the base notes. Love W also features vanilla for a touch of sweetness, making this fragrance impossible to resist. The perfect upgrade from a bunch of flowers!

ALN eau de parfum - inspired by Alien

Alien is an iconic fragrance, and our version is just as good as the original. Featuring a stunning top note of jasmine, this scent’s floral sweetness is accentuated by earthy wood and warm amber. It’s deep and mystical, and it’s perfect for the woman in your life who’s after some otherworldly eau de parfum. ALN provides all the same deep, unique floral notes of the original, and the reasonable price will impress her, too!

Earthy fragrances for a grounded lover

Down-to-earth eau de parfum can be hard to gift, but for someone who loves deep, mysterious fragrances, then this selection is perfect. From woody oud, amber musks and heady jasmine, these are some of the best perfumes for women on the market.

Fatale eau de parfum - inspired by Vanille Fatale

You might not think a fragrance with vanilla could be so rich and deep, but Fatale eau de parfum will prove you wrong! While the creamy vanilla is prominent, giving a comforting touch to this sensual scent, smoky mahogany and suede take this scent to the next level, giving it an earthy woodiness that’s truly unique. It’s a complex scent that’s perfect for any woman who loves an earthy fragrance - we guarantee that this will be like nothing she’s ever tried! Grab a bottle for her, and she’s sure to buy it over and over again.

Ispahan eau de parfum - inspired by Oud Ispahan

Warm and captivating, Ispahan is one of the most lavish perfumes available. Smoky wood and sweet rose create an intriguing scent that’s only highlighted by the other notes of sandalwood, saffron, and labdanum. This luxurious eau de parfum is perfect for the high-end scent lover in your life! For an earthy scent with a touch of floral mystery, you can’t go wrong with Ispahan.

Orchid eau de parfum - inspired by Black Orchid

Our eau de parfum features notes that are pure indulgent luxury, including truffle and blackcurrant top notes for a juicy yet deep scent. As the day goes on, the perfume shifts, revealing the heart notes of heady gardenia and ylang-ylang, and the base notes of patchouli, known in the perfume world for its earthy, rich scent that compliments the rest of the notes in this scent perfectly. It's a timeless perfume and is considered on of the best perfumes for women on the market. A safe bet, if you're a little unsure what kind of eau de parfum to gift this Christmas.

Fresh perfumes for a woman who likes to keep it real

Perfumes for women who enjoy fresher fragrances, like cutting citrus and lighter top notes can be hard to choose from. So, we've put together a selection of particularly fresh scents that she will love. Select an eau de parfum for her from this list if she enjoys a scent that uplifts, is light and subtle with notes of vetiver and white musk.

Millesime eau de parfum - inspired by Millesime Imperial

Who doesn’t want to spray on liquid gold? Millesime is exactly that - not literally, but she’ll feel like it! Uncompromisingly fresh, Millesime features juicy mandarin and sharp bergamot for a zesty citrus top note, accentuated by smoky musk, wood, and even a touch of sea salt for that summery just-got-off-the-beach feeling (minus the seagulls). It’s a citrusy delight with a touch of high-end opulence, so if she’s someone that loves hot summers, fruity drinks, and a touch of luxury, Millesime is the perfect addition to her eau de parfum collection.

SMW eau de parfum - inspired by Silver Mountain Water

Equal parts citrusy and herby, SMW is opulence bottled, and if the woman in your life is always after a hint of unique freshness, this is the one to go for! Zesty bergamot and mandarin combine with green tea for a stunningly crisp scent, and base notes of sandalwood and musk round out this fragrance with a touch of sophistication. It’ll uplift anyone who smells it with its sharp citrus, and she’s bound to love it if she loves a fresh-scented eau de parfum. 

GI eau de parfum - inspired by Green Irish Tweed

For freshness with some floral notes for good measure, GI is a perfect choice. While it features lemon and verbena for undisputed zestiness, it also features iris, violet, and lavender for a powdery, delicate touch. It also has a bit of earthiness, with its ambergris and sandalwood adding a gorgeous warmth, finishing this fragrance off with a touch of woody intrigue. GI is a modern take on fresh and floral scents, and it’s loved by many for its unmistakable allure. It’s a unique eau de parfum that’ll be like nothing else she’s tried!

Sweet Perfumes, for your sweetheart

Is she so sweet that she gives you a toothache just looking at her? Then she deserves nothing but the best of perfumes. A mixture of fruity, luxurious scents with notes of rose and jasmine, underpinned by sweet vanilla and delightfully playful fruity floral fragrances, this selection of eau de parfum is perfect for the sweetheart in your life.

Blanc eau de parfum - inspired by Soleil Blanc

For holiday vibes without even stepping on a plane, Blanc is the one! This stunning eau de parfum smells like a sunny vacation, days on the beach, and balmy nights. A unique and warm composition, Blanc features top notes of cardamom, pepper, and pistachio for a sweet hint of spice, while the heart notes feature jasmine, ylang-ylang, and tuberose giving a light floral touch. The base notes of amber, coconut, and tonka bean provide a deliciously creamy sweetness. Who needs a holiday? 

Cherry eau de parfum - inspired by Lost Cherry

This stunning eau de perfume has a cult following thanks to its bittersweetness and cherry-scented intrigue. Bitter almond creates a liqueur-like top note that develops into a rich, sweet cherry as the day goes on, thanks to plum and Turkish rose’s juicy, floral notes. Sandalwood, tonka, and clove give this scent a sweet, warm base with a touch of earthy wood. This unusual scent is as versatile as it is long-lasting, and it’s a day-to-night scent that’ll get people talking. For a scent that she won’t forget in a hurry, grab a bottle of Cherry. 

VIW eau de parfum - inspired by Virgin Island Water

Rum, sugar, and spice - what more could you ask for? Our version of Virgin Island Water will take you to the islands for a fraction of the price. The top notes include coconut and ylang-ylang for a creamy, citrusy fragrance, while the heart notes of ginger and jasmine add enticing depth to the many layers of this fragrance. It’s a gorgeously sweet and spicy scent that’s sure to impress whoever receives it, and it’s perfect for that touch of summertime freshness at any time of year. 

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