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How should you wear perfume?

How should you wear perfume?

Perfume can make a real difference in how you feel. Perfume can raise your spirits, boost your confidence and create memorable moments! You can wear a perfume that reflects your mood or enhances it. The fragrance you choose can make you more attractive to the opposite sex and be an aphrodisiac. It can also help you sleep better and ease a headache!


Perfumes and aftershaves are very personal choices and you should spend time choosing the one that is right for you. Spray the fragrance on your inner wrist and give it time to warm on your skin and the different notes to develop. Many men and women choose a special fragrance that they always wear as their ‘signature’. These can be memorable and friends and colleagues will not have to look up when you walk in the room – your fragrance will announce your arrival! Some men and women prefer to have a selection of different fragrances so that they can choose the one that suits their mood. This is totally possible if they buy some of the good quality copies of well-known fragrances.


Caring for your new fragrance.


Both men’s aftershave and women’s perfumes should be cared for as though they are almost human! If you have treated yourself to a new fragrance, one of the biggest keys to success is storing the bottle well.


* Store your bottle in its original box in a cool, dry place such as a bedroom cupboard. This will ensure that the minimum of air gets into the bottle as this will deteriorate the fragrance and UV light is not good for fragrances as it alters their character.


* Fragrances do not like sudden changes in temperature or a humid atmosphere, so it is best if they are not kept in the bathroom.


* A number of perfumers suggest that once your bottle is only half full, that it should be stored in its box in the refrigerator.


* whilst buying a large bottle of men’s or women’s fragrance feels lovely and lavish, experts suggest that buying a smaller bottle is better. If you are wearing the fragrance regularly, it will not have the chance to deteriorate. Those fragrances with woody, spicy or oriental base notes or with amber, are said to last longest.


There is an art to wearing fragrance. Anyone can spray themselves with fragrance and that certainly works, but to wear a fragrance well definitely needs a little more skill….


How ladies can wear perfume well….


For a perfume to last as long as possible, it should not be applied to dry skin – it is far more effective when the pores of your skin are open.


* If you are having a shower, towel dry your skin. Moisturise your skin, either with a cream that has the same fragrance or an unperfumed moisturiser. A clever trick is to pop a few drops of your chosen fragrance into the unperfumed moisturiser and shake well before applying to your skin. If you don’t use moisturiser, apply a tiny amount of Vaseline to the pulse points you will spray as this increases the effectiveness of your fragrance.


* Apply your fragrance before you dress. Either lightly spray the fragrance or dab the fragrance on about four of your pulse points. Do not rub the perfume in as this will ruin its beautiful ‘top notes’ and you ill not be able to enjoy them.


* The pulse points on your body are the areas where your body fluctuates in temperature and can get warmer. The pulse points are the back of the neck, the inside of your wrists, the crook of your elbow, the back of your knees and your cleavage. Choose four points to apply your fragrance and leave it for a few minutes to dry.


Get dressed and for maximum impact try some of the following tricks:-

- Spray the fragrance on your hairbrush and brush your hair (don’t spray your fragrance directly onto your hair as it could damage it)

- if you have a scarf or sarong, spray it lightly with fragrance.

- if you are wearing layers of clothes, spray the middle layer lightly.


You are now feeling confident and ready to get noticed! You will not have to renew your fragrance often – every 6-8 hours is adequate and less is always better than more. Before you go to sleep, spray your pillow lightly with your fragrance and this will ensure you have a blissful night’s sleep.



How men can make the most of their aftershave…..


In the recent fashion shows in London, Paris, Florence, and Milan, new elegant masculinity was evident on the catwalks. Suits, smart shirts and even ties are back in vogue and the natural accessory to these is a lovely male fragrance. Having said that, 80% of men either don’t wear aftershave or only wear it on special occasions. Those men who do wear it regularly, probably do so as their father or other role models, did before them.


Many men say that they do not wear aftershave as they simply do not know how to apply it successfully and are scared of applying too much – these fears can certainly be swiftly allayed.


Wearing a male fragrance is an important part of your style and certainly gets you noticed. It will make you more attractive to women too, as their sense of smell is more finely tuned – and more important. Wearing a fragrance makes you memorable and will also evoke memories of a certain occasion for many years to come. The main thing to remember is that a little is more and that it is best to spray lightly and not be overpowering. There are various strengths of men’s fragrances to buy that include pure ‘parfume’ which is the strongest, most concentrated and most expensive type, cologne is popular as it is 15- 20% pure perfume, more affordable and lasts well on the skin for 5-8 hours.


There are some tricks that will make the fragrance of your aftershave last longer. The things to avoid doing include: rubbing the fragrance into your skin as this destroys its ‘top notes’, spraying the fragrance on your clothes as this could easily stain them and thirdly, spraying a cloud in the air for you to walk through – all you will have is a fragrant floor!


* Aftershave works best on damp skin when the pores are open. Have a shave, followed by a shower and then towel dry. If you do use a skin moisturiser, choose an unperfumed one and apply it to your skin.


* Decide which pulse points you will apply your fragrance to – it is best if these are not ones covered by clothes. The pulse points to choose from including the lower jaw, inside of wrists, crease of the elbow, forearm, and shoulders. Choose about four of these points.


Apply your aftershave before you dress. Lightly spray your chosen pulse points from a distance of about six inches (15cm). Allow the fragrance to dry for a few moments before putting your clothes on. Only reapply when needed.


Fragrances are fun for both women and men to wear, as they get you noticed and create happy memories. So why not make 2020 a very memorable year for you?

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