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How to make your perfume last longer? And how to apply perfume for the best results.

How to make your perfume last longer? And how to apply perfume for the best results.

It can be so disappointing when you have left home looking good and smelling great, and yet within a few short hours, your favourite fragrance seems to have faded- taking with it, your confidence!


The big question is whether there are any great tips that you could use to help you to keep smelling gorgeous all through the day and night as well?


The answer is a resounding ‘yes’! Several clever tricks will make your gorgeous signature fragrance last much longer and get you noticed – and remembered- wherever you go. 


With more than 80% of ladies now wearing fragrance every day; rather than just keeping it for special occasions, a common question is how to get the best from a bottle of beautiful perfume?. Having splashed the cash, and loving the way heads turn and we get showered with compliments, it’s only natural that we want our fragrance to continue smelling terrific - all through the day and long into the night.


Try these ‘tricks of the trade’ to ensure you always smell beautiful:


Learn how perfume is made


Perfumes are carefully created by specialists using a wide array of different smells that all complement each other. The scents are mixed into three distinct groups that are named ‘top note’, ‘middle note’ (sometimes called the ‘heart note’) and ‘base note’.


The top note is the fragrance that sells the perfume! The top note is the first fragrance you smell when you open the bottle of perfume and the first fragrance you smell when you apply the perfume to your skin. The top note fades quickly – usually after 5-15 minutes, which is why, when you are testing a new fragrance, you should leave it on your skin to develop.


The middle note – or heart note kicks in as the top note fades and develops the fragrance adding more depth and character. The middle note lasts two-four hours.


The base note is very important as it brings all the elements of the perfume together and gives the fragrance stability. The base note is usually stronger and heavier and includes such fragrances as cedarwood, patchouli, myrrh and amber. The base note can last four-six hours- and often longer.



What about the strengths of perfume?


Perfumes are sold in different strengths, and this will affect how frequently they will need to be re-applied. Eau de cologne and eau de toilette are light fragrances with low concentrations, so they are perfect if you are seeking light and very wearable spray.  Eau de parfum and extrait de parfum are much more durable and longer-lasting.



What about perfume style.


Perfumes are a very personal choice, and just because you like a fragrance on your friend, you might not like the same fragrance on your own skin! Spend some time trying a few fragrances in your local store. Although you may be offered a piece of card with your chosen fragrance, decline it politely as it will not smell the same on you! When it comes to how to spray perfume to test it you will want to spray a little of your chosen fragrance on the inside of your wrist as this will give you the clearest indication to how the fragrance reacts to your skin type. Smell the fragrance straight away for its ‘top notes’ and then leave the perfume to develop on your skin for about 15 minutes so that you can smell the ‘middle notes’. Better still, wear the fragrance for a few hours to ensure that you like the rich base notes too.


You can try a second fragrance on your other wrist, but too many is confusing for your nostrils, and you could find that you are unable to smell any fragrances at all! If this is the case, you are suffering from ‘nose fatigue’ because your sense of smell has been inundated with new fragrances. The quickest way to cure this is by smelling fresh coffee beans to re-balance your sense of smell.



A single fragrance or an armful?


Well, some women like to have a ‘signature fragrance’ that they wear every day, others like to have a selection. Signature scents are certainly memorable and will get you noticed and remembered. Close friends and associates will recognise when you walk in the room by your fragrance – even if they can’t see you!


Many women love to have a selection of fragrances to match their different moods or to reflect the passing seasons. With fragrance companies now producing their own versions of the world’s top-selling perfumes at affordable prices, the idea of having a selection of great fragrances is a very affordable one!


Caring for your fragrance


Top of the list is caring for your perfume so that it stays in perfect condition until you have finished the bottle! Perfume is sensitive and heat, light and humidity can all impact the quality of fragrance and importantly, the ingredients within the perfume, so the smell can even be altered slightly. As such it's important to htink about where to put your perfume.


* It is ideal to store your bottle of perfume in its original box. The best place to keep the box is in a cool, dry place such as a bedroom cupboard or drawer. This will ensure that UV light does not get to the bottle as this can alter the character of a fragrance, but equally importantly, it will ensure that the minimum of air gets into the bottle as this will also deteriorate the fragrance.


* There is never any need to shake a bottle of perfume before using and in fact, this should be avoided as it can let air in and reduce the quality of the perfume.


*. Fragrances do not like sudden changes in temperature so a handbag is not the ideal place to keep your fragrance as your bag could be in the sunshine one minute and a cool room the next. Perfumes do not like humid atmospheres either, so it is a big ‘no-no’ to keep them in the bathroom!


*. A number of perfume companies suggest that once your bottle of perfume is only half full, it should be stored in its original box in the refrigerator.




*. It feels lavish to splash out on a large bottle of your favourite fragrance, but experts suggest that buying a smaller quantity is actually better as you will use it quicker and the perfume will have less chance to deteriorate. Interestingly, male and female fragrances that have woody, spicy or oriental base notes are said to last longer and fragrances containing amber or patchouli also have this advantage.


How ladies can wear perfume well….


Applying your perfume.


Only apply your perfume directly to your skin. Don’t spray your perfume into the air and then walk through the ‘perfume cloud’ it as this is very ineffective and the only place that will smell beautiful is your floor in that spot!


For a perfume to last as long as possible, it should not be applied to dry skin – it is far more effective when the pores of your skin are open. If you have a shower, towel dry your skin and then apply perfume as your newly washed skin will ‘lock-in’ the fragrance.


* Before applying perfume. Moisturise your skin, either with an oil-based cream that has the same fragrance or an unperfumed moisturiser. A clever trick is to fragrance your unperfumed moisturise with your chosen perfume. This is more of a problem for the girls as most men's moisturizer is fragrance free. Add a few drops of your chosen fragrance to the bottle of unperfumed moisturiser and shake well. Apply to your skin and gently rub in.


* Now it is time to apply your perfume – before you get dressed and importantly before you put on your jewellery (both cultured and faux pearls hate perfume which will damage and discolour them very easily). Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline or similar petroleum jelly to your pulse points as this will help your fragrance to linger.


Where to apply perfume on your body….


* Know your pulse points as these are the key places to apply perfume. The pulse points are the areas where your body is warmer and help your fragrance to develop. The pulse points include the back of the neck, the inside of your wrists, the crook of your elbow, the back of your knees, your ankles and your cleavage. Behind the ears has always been a popular spot for perfume too, but ‘those in the know’ suggest that it is more effective to apply perfume to the top of your ears.


 * Applying perfume to your pulse points works well as their heat will ensure that the smell of your perfume continues to develop as the hour's pass.


* Apply your fragrance carefully. Either lightly spray the fragrance or dab your chosen fragrance on your pulse points. Do not rub the perfume in as this will ruin its beautiful ‘top notes’ and you will not be able to enjoy them as they will simply disappear. Wait a few moments, to ensure that your perfume has dried to avoid marking your clothing.



And to your clothes


* If you are wearing several layers of clothing, spray some perfume lightly onto your middle layer as fabrics can hold fragrances for a long time – even after they have been washed. 


If your clothing is expensive or sensitive, it is best to patch test it first so that the perfume does not damage anything. If you are going to perfume your clothes, ensure that you use neutral scented washing liquid and fabric conditioner or ones that complement your favourite fragrance.


* If you have a scarf or sarong, spray it lightly with fragrance. Even if you are not wearing a scarf, you can spray one with perfume and tie it to your handbag – Parisian style.


 * Spray your fragrance on your hairbrush and then brush your hair (don’t spray your fragrance directly onto your hair as this could damage it or have a drying effect – especially coloured hair)


Refreshing your perfume.


If you are out at work all day or going somewhere special, you may well want to ‘freshen up’ halfway through, but carrying a bottle of perfume in your handbag is not easy and not ideal conditions for keeping your perfume in tip-top condition.


A clever way to ensure that you can have a quick freshen up is to spray your perfume on a few cotton buds and quickly wrap these in a small plastic bag to keep them moist. Pop the bag in your handbag and use the cotton buds during the day to freshen up the fragrance on your pulse points.


Well as the day draws to a close, and you are feeling confident that your fragrance has got you noticed before you go to sleep, spray your pillow lightly with your fragrance and this will ensure you have a blissful night’s sleep.


There is definitely an art to wearing perfume. Anyone can spray themselves with fragrance, but to wear a perfume really well definitely is definitely a skill….


 How should you wear perfume?


Perfume can make a real difference in how you feel. Perfume can raise your spirits, boost your confidence and create memorable moments! You can wear a perfume that reflects your mood or enhances it. The fragrance you choose can make you more attractive to the opposite sex and be an aphrodisiac. It can also help you sleep better and ease a headache!


Perfumes and aftershaves are very personal choices, and you should spend time choosing the one that is right for you. Spray the fragrance on your inner wrist and give it time to warm on your skin and the different notes to develop. Many men and women choose a special fragrance that they always wear as their ‘signature’. These can be memorable, and friends and colleagues will not have to look up when you walk in the room – your fragrance will announce your arrival! Some men and women prefer to have a selection of different fragrances so that they can choose the one that suits their mood. This is totally possible if they buy some of the good quality copies of well-known fragrances.

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