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How Smelling Great Makes You Feel

How Smelling Great Makes You Feel

A good fragrance has the power to make you feel great. When you smell good, you not only feel good, but you feel far more confident and assured. This fact has been known for centuries and throughout history, both the rich and the poor have used fragrances and scented oils to help them feel good. Conversely, feeling stale and not fresh after a long day at work or an energetic run, can make us feel bad about ourselves, so grab your favourite fragrance and learn how much good it can do you….


Emotions are often closely entwined with smells and these can often be traced back to childhood. Many adults can still vividly remember their mother’s beautiful perfume, the smell of cooking from the kitchen and the fragrance of lavender and roses in the homes of older relatives. They can also vividly recall the smell of people or things that frightened them. Interestingly, the sense of smell is said by many scientists to be the strongest of our five senses and is regularly used by the Police when making ‘scene of crime’ investigations.


How your brain remembers smells...


When you encounter a smell for the very first time, your brain gives the smell a code and this code lasts a lifetime and the moment you encounter the same smell again, your brain will remind you which emotions the smell triggered the first time around. A perfect example of this is the fragrance you were wearing when you first met the person you love, another example, is the wonderful smell of the sea which will always evoke memories of your first seaside holiday.


It is not surprising that perfumers tell their customers to choose a scent with their brain and not their nose! Take time to choose the correct fragrance for you – never be in a hurry. Everyone’s skin is different so you need to spray the inside of your wrist with your chosen perfume and then walk around for five minutes to let the perfume warm on your skin – many people are amazed how different the perfume smells from the first time they smelt it! Perfumes are skilfully made with several layers or ‘notes’ and these develop as time passes.


How perfumes are created.


Creating perfumes and aftershaves requires tremendous skill. All of the perfume houses incorporate many of the well known ‘happy’ smells in their fragrances such as citrus oils, rose and even peppermint as they want people to enjoy wearing them! Lavender and camomile are often included in perfume recipes as both are well known for reducing stress and encouraging relaxation.


Spend time experimenting with different fragrances to find the one that suits your personality best. Different fragrances will make you feel differently – some will be sexy, others will be relaxing and some, just fun to wear! Fragrances are powerful, they can enhance moods and change behaviour! The reason why fragrance can alter mood is that it encourages the release of endorphins which make us feel good - fragrances are good for everyone’s mental health.


Once you have discovered your favourite fragrance, you will wear it whenever your confidence needs a boost – a recent survey found that 90% of women feel more confident wearing their chosen fragrance and some described their level of confidence as ‘being able to rule the world’! Wearing your chosen perfume well will get you recognised and your fragrance will certainly linger in other people’s memories.


Signature or selection?


The fragrance is fun to wear both during the day, evening and night! Whilst some women like to have a signature fragrance that makes them instantly recognisable, others prefer to have an assortment of different fragrances that they can wear at different times and when they are in different moods.


Great ways to maximise your fragrance


Smelling great lifts your spirits and there are a few tricks to try that will ensure that you are surrounded by your chosen gorgeous fragrance all the time….


1. It is worth considering the other fragrances you use for bath/ shower gels, hair shampoos, and even your laundry, as these could overpower your perfume. The key is to choose products with smells that complement your fragrance or ones that have a light neutral smell such as those found in baby products.


2. Choose a good quality shower gel. Beauty experts say that it is well worth buying a good quality gel as it will help your skin to retain your fragrance for longer.


3. Make your body lotion. Buy a good quality, unperfumed body lotion and add a small amount of your chosen perfume to the bottle. Shake well and pamper your skin after every shower.


4. A well-known trick is to spray your hair with perfume, but experts feel that in the long term this could damage your hair. They suggest that you spray perfume on your hairbrush instead and then gently brush your hair.


5. A quality perfume needs to be applied only twice a day. Don’t apply perfume near jewellery which it can damage – especially pearls which can quickly discolour. When you have applied the perfume, leave it to dry naturally.


6. The well-known points to apply perfume are behind ears, on the back of knees and on your cleavage. Other places to try include on the back of your neck, your stomach, at the base of your armpits and on ankles. Apply your perfume before you dress and allow it to dry thoroughly on your skin- do not rub, as the ‘top notes’ of the fragrance will be lost.   


7. In cooler weather, when you are wearing layers, lightly spray your perfume on your middle layer of clothing.


8. If you love the smell of your perfume, enjoy it even when you go to bed! Spray your perfume lightly on your pillow and top of your sheet so that you can sleep restfully and happily.


As well as maximising the lovely smell of your fragrance, don’t forget to look after your perfume bottle well. Always ensure that you close the bottle properly so that its contents cannot evaporate. Store your perfume in its box in a cool, dark place such as your wardrobe. If you want to carry your perfume in your handbag, look our for the handbag-sized bottles and keep the bottle in a small dark bag.


Enjoy wearing your fragrance and smelling great as it will definitely make you feel good and as the author C. Joybell C. remarked -


‘You are never fully dressed without perfume’ and many would agree….


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