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What is aftershave balm? Do you really need it?

What is aftershave balm? Do you really need it?

As more and more men are getting into grooming, many skincare products targeted at men are surfacing. The most common grooming item you can find in any men's grooming kit is aftershave.

Unlike popular belief, aftershave is not to make you smell nice; instead, it makes your dry, extra sensitive, and inflamed skin soothed, cooled, and moisturised. Most importantly, it has become a ritual for many out there to apply aftershave after putting down their razor.

However, a few men still slap on cologne and totally skip grooming routines because they don't know better. If you're not too sure about how to apply aftershave or what type to use, keep on reading. Today, we're going to cover more about the right post-shave routine. 

Let the days of irritated, burning skin after a shave be in the past, and welcome aftershave balms, lotions and creams to your post-shave routine.


When and how to use aftershave balm?

After you shave, your skin is often sore and irritated, and you do anything that can somehow relieve the discomfort. For a starter, you can change your razor and get the best quality one. Even though it is a good step and should be taken as a prevention measure to avoid irritation, it does not guarantee only "good" shaves. Once a "bad" shave occurs, what do you do next?

The answer is simple - use aftershave balm.

Using an aftershave balm is the best thing you can do, as it relieves irritation and soothes down soreness and aids in the healing process. They're specifically designed to make your shaving process much less painful and comfortable.

 Applying plenty of post-shave balms can be tempting, but remember that less is more (a pea-sized dollop should do the work). Applying a lot will not give you any extra benefits, but it can cost you, especially if the product you're using has lots of chemicals and other powerful ingredients.


How to apply aftershave balm?

Always follow these steps to get the most out of aftershave balm -

  • Wash your face with warm water (recommended) and use the right product to shave away your unwanted hair.
  • After putting the razor down, quickly wash your face with cold water.
  • Use a clean towel (to avoid any bacteria or germs ending up on your face) and gently dry your skin.
  • This is the final step, and this is also where the aftershave balm comes into the picture. On the still damp face, apply the balm and voila! You're done.


Are aftershave balm and moisturiser the same?

Some people argue that post-shave balm and regular moisturisers are nothing but the same. But this assumption is far away from the truth. Even though there are some crossovers between the two, one is simply for hydrating and softening the skin, while the latter is for soothing and healing the skin in the short term.


How to choose the right aftershave balm?

When there are so many options available in the market, it's natural that people get confused about which product to use and which do not. If you're interested in finding the right aftershave balm based on your skin, here are some of our recommendations:


  • Dry skin - If your skin looks and feels tight and rough or slight to severe flaking skin, you're likely to have dry skin. In such a case, it's better to buy a balm that best suits your skin and allows you to increase the moisture levels.
  • Oily skin - If you have a shiny or greasy appearance and very large or obvious pores on your skin, then you're likely to have oily skin. In such a case, selecting products that have gel-like components would be a much better option for you.
  • Sensitive skin - If your skin gets rashes that may itch, sting, or burn, especially when you apply certain skincare products, you're likely to have sensitive skin. In such cases, it is best to get advice from your dermatologist or doctor first before selecting anything. However, it would be wise to choose organic and alcohol-free products.
  • Normal skin - If none of the above implies to you, your skin is most likely normal. People with such skin can use any product that suits them and their skin.


If you have any of the following skin complains, you should also pick the following:


  • Nicks and cuts - Products with alcohol and witch hazel will be the right ones for you as they'll help disinfect your skin and minimise the risk of infection.
  • Razor burn - Buy products with cooling ingredients like aloe vera, eucalyptus, or mint. These can help you ease the inflammation.
  • Bumps - Buy products with exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid and glycolic acid. These can help you get rid of dead skin that gives rise to bumps.


Ingredients that you want in an aftershave balm

Always be on the lookout for an aftershave balm with natural ingredients such as - vitamin E, aloe vera leaf juice, white tea leaf extract, witch hazel, allantoin, chamomile flower extract, menthol, etc.

Such ingredients ensure that the products have positive effects like hydrating post-shave skin and calming irritation deeply while ensuring that you don't upset your skin's natural chemistry.

We now have an idea of what ingredients we must look for when buying aftershave balm, but what about the ingredients that we must avoid at any cost due to their heavy toll on your skin.

Typically you should completely avoid alcohol, phthalates, fragrance, or perfume when selecting your aftershave.


Final thoughts

Now that you have an idea of what aftershave balm is, how it can be used and what to look for, you can begin your grooming journey. After all, an aftershave balm is very easy to use and has a lot of benefits associated with it.

Remember, when buying, pay careful attention to your skins type and product ingredients before buying. If you do this, it's more than likely your aftershave will help you have cool, smooth and refreshed skin. Who does not want that?

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