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How long does aftershave last?

How long does aftershave last?

Have you recently run out of your latest aftershave and want a new one to buy? Arguably when looking to buy aftershaves, there are many things you might be stuck considering what to buy, such as smell, bottle design and price. However, another factor you might equally prioritise is the smell duration of the aftershave once on your body. 

If you're making your buying decisions based on this, then you must carry on reading. There's more to smell duration than you think, and today we're going to bust those myths about how long aftershave lasts.


What do the manufacturers say?

When looking to buy aftershave, you might notice signs on the bottle stating that it has a smell duration of 12, 24 or 36 months old. While they do go off, they can last a lot longer than what's stated on them, between 1-10 years, a lot longer. On the other hand, you might notice the smell of the start to fade and become less potent over time. However, it completely depends on the fragrance you order.


How to know if aftershave has gone off?

If you're unsure if your aftershave has expired, here are some things to look out for:


Colour of your cologne

To know for definite if your aftershave has gone off, look at your cologne's colour. For instance, if you had a bright aftershave, it may have turned to a darker and richer coloured liquid.

Check the smell

Always check to see if the scent has weakened and starts to have vinegar or chemical like smell. Many aftershaves are filled with fats like vegetable oils and can produce a foul odour. On the contrary, if the aftershave has no fat, it can last longer.



How to make aftershave smell longer?

If you're really set on an aftershave smell you like and don't want to change your mind, there are a few ways you can make it smell longer while you're wearing it and not go through the quantity of the bottle quickly. Here are some top tips you might want to try:



Consider the types of scent 

If you're looking for aftershave to last long, you must consider the scents. Any aftershaves that have light notes or are heavy in citrus tend to last between 2-6 hours, proving a great daytime scent. However, if you're looking for something that sticks to you a lot longer, you should think about a masculine scent. Typically look for aftershaves that have many notes that are spicy, smokey, boozy, aromatic, and musky.


Think about your skin type

You might want to think about when choosing your aftershave is your skin type. For instance, oily, dry or normal skin types can influence how the aftershave clings to your body. While there's no definite evidence of what smells and skin types work best, you might want to try testers first.


Spray it on your clothes

While aftershave is mainly made to be sprayed onto your body, you might want to spray it on your clothes too. This is because the smell becomes trapped in the fabric, and it can linger on your body for longer. However, it does not always have its benefits as you might have to wash your clothes more frequently to get rid of the old aftershave smell, as it can sometimes cling to it for too long.


Store it properly

The way you store your aftershave can have a great impact on how long it smells and stays intact. If there are any subtle changes to the temperature or humidity in the bottle is kept in, the chemistry of the fragrance can really be altered. Because of this, you should store aftershave in rooms that have stable temperatures like the bedroom, dressers or drawers.


Try and avoid keeping it in the bathroom, as temperatures can fluctuate. Alongside this, keep your aftershave out of direct sunlight as the heat can break down the structure. Moreover, always ensure that it stays fresh in its original container as exposure can air can cause the smell to evaporate quicker.


Shower and moisturise first

If you're looking for ways for your scent to last longer, you should apply aftershave after showering. Applying spritzes to clean skin will allow it to stick, especially if you add moisturising lotion or balm prior. This is because the fragrance gets trapped longer in the lotion, not escaping.


Try and avoid natural fragrances

While choosing aftershaves with natural fragrances may seem tempting and interesting, they're often the ones to lose their smell the quickest. Especially aftershaves containing aloe vera, glycerine, hazel, chamomile, tea tree oil and coconut oil. Therefore, if you don't want to have too much artificial smell, you should think about wearing aftershaves that are a hybrid between natural and synthetic.


Spray it on your hair

One different method of application you may want to try is by applying your aftershave to your hair. You should only apply your aftershave to freshly washed hair, so it clings onto it for longer, though. If you apply it unwashed, the natural oils in your hair may seriously affect the scent of your aftershave. Also, if you feel uncomfortable applying it directly onto your hair, you can always add it to your hairbrush and then comb through it.


What happens if you wear aftershave once expired?

If you think you've applied aftershave to your skin and it's gone off, then try not to stress too much. Usually, when this happens, only changes to the structure and smell is noticeable; it's very uncommon for a reaction to occur. On the odd occasion, though, there is a risk of experiencing the following:


  • Irritation or itchiness if you have sensitive skin
  • Warm sensation on the skin
  • Blisters
  • Burning sensation, especially if you've applied it and it's gone on top of cuts or wounds


Again, these side effects tend to be pretty uncommon. However, if you do experience them and they don't go away within 24 hours, you should seek help from your doctor. They're usually nothing serious, but you should get medical advice just in case.

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