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The Most Attractive Fragrance - As Voted by You!

The Most Attractive Fragrance - As Voted by You!

With Valentines Day just a week away, we asked you, our wonderful customers, to share with us what you think is the most attractive fragrance for their partners or loved ones. Over one thousand of you replied, naming over 50 different perfumes—but nonetheless, there are definitely some clear favourites. We’ve collected all your answers and made some graphs to show you the results. 

Read on to find out which fragrance men and women find most attractive on that special someone…

With a 19% share of the votes, Baccarat Rouge 540 is the clear winner among men. Ladies, they love it! And this is particularly true of younger men. The younger the demographic the more likely they are to appreciate the tender and exotic combination of saffron, jasmine, and amber wood found in Baccarat Rouge 540.

Baccarat Rouge 540 was also popular with gay women, but their overall favourite was Lost Cherry by Tom Ford. 

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A Few More Differences Between Male Age Groups

According to our data, men’s second favourite perfume to smell on someone special is Black Opium, followed by No.5, Coco, and Alien. Black Opium is especially popular among the over 45s, with Chanel perfumes being popular among men in their mid-30s to early-40s, although Baccarat Rouge 540 was still the most popular amongst this age range. 

Respondents who favoured the attractiveness of men’s fragrances comprised 72% of our survey sample. 

The most attractive perfume to women is the sophisticated Creed Aventus, followed closely by the animalistic fragrance Dior Sauvage. If you’re a man (or a woman) looking to impress someone of the female sex, our research suggests these two fragrances are your best bet!

Gay men mostly favoured Creed Aventus with Tom Ford Oud Wood coming in a close second.

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A Few More Differences Between Female Age Groups

Among women under 30, there was an even split between the two top fragrances, Creed Aventus and Eau Sauvage. This younger group didn’t have a lot of love for Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, which came in eighth for this demographic despite coming in third overall. 

Where Tobacco Vanille proved popular was among the over 30s where it consistently came in third place in a number of age groups. Bleu and Guilty by Gucci were hotly contested in every age group but Guilty won a few extra votes among the over 30s. 

Baccarat Rouge 540, men’s favourite scent to smell on women, also received a fair few votes from women—it is after all a unisex fragrance—but it still didn’t manage to break the top 10. 

Meanwhile, JPG Le Male didn’t earn a single vote among the under 30s, and only a handful among all other age groups. 

Respondents who favoured the attractiveness of women’s fragrances comprised 28% of our survey sample.

The Most Attractive Fragrance 

For men, the most attractive fragrance is clearly Baccarat Rouge 540, especially among the younger generation. 

For women, the top fragrances are Aventus by Creed and Eau Sauvage by Dior. This is not so surprising, given that these two are among the best-known and best-selling designer fragrances for men currently available. 

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