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Our Alternative Baccarat Rouge 540 is No Gamble…

Our Alternative Baccarat Rouge 540 is No Gamble…

Show-stopping masculine scents are highly sought-after, but often they come with a price-tag. Our version of Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait commands attention, and best of all, it captures the rich, decadent scent of the original. If you like your cologne to be reminiscent of James Bond on a luxury yacht, this is a cologne you need to check out.

Here’s a lowdown of our iconic ‘inspired-by’ eau de parfum, and what to expect when you wear it.

Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 – the facts

  • The original is regarded as one of the world’s most exclusive scents
  • Top notes of jasmine and saffron
  • Central notes of amber wood and ambergris
  • Base notes of fir and cedar wood

Base notes of fir and cedar wood

We always recommend that people order an ‘inspired-by’ Baccarat Rouge 540 sample (UK-based, so delivery is usually within a few days). This gives you the perfect chance to check that it’s the right fragrance for you, as it’s potent and attention-grabbing!

The characteristics of this eau de parfum are:

  • Warm wood. With deep fir and cedar wood complementing the lighter, more fragrant amber wood, this scent conjures up images of wood-panelled casinos and opulent surroundings.
  • A hint of salt. Exclusive ambergris adds a hint of the ocean, which lifts this eau de parfum, giving it a touch of rugged masculinity.
  • Exoticism. Saffron is a spicy, powerful scent, which brings to mind sultry nights in Morocco.
  • Floral freshness. The gentle fragrance of jasmine blossom elevates the perfume further, with its breezy, fresh aroma.

With all these high-end ingredients, it’s little wonder that the original Baccarat Rouge 540 price is relatively high (and deservedly so). However, we’re proud of our alternative, which captures much of the elegance and sensuality of the original. If you’re looking for a classy option for your next special occasion, it’s an excellent choice.

Who would wear a fragrance like Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait?

Make no mistake, this designer eau de parfum is not for shy, retiring types. It’s packed full of potent, dramatic ingredients and is designed to get heads turning.

Our Baccarat Rouge 540 homage is no different. We’ve deliberately pumped up the olfactory volume to deliver a bold, uncompromising fragrance that is ideal as a signature scent. It’s custom-made for those who want to emphasise their authority at work, for example. It’s also fantastic when at a special event, as it’ll guarantee you stand out in the crowd.

That’s not to say it’s not suitable for more low-key occasions too. For example, it’s an alluring, sensual scent, which makes it a good choice for a hot date. It’s also great if you’re out on the town with friends and want to differentiate yourself.

Who would wear a fragrance like Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait?

The fragrance shifts subtly too. When you first apply it, you’ll notice that powerful punch of saffron; a heady spice that establishes itself quickly. Jasmine serves to soften this, adding sophistication and refinement.

As the day goes on, the warmer, woody fragrances come into play. They complement one another perfectly; the sharpness of fir is mellowed by the gentler scent of cedar wood. Amber wood is more complex and delivers a note of interest. As for the ambergris? It rounds the whole aroma off, toughening up the elegance and giving the fragrance that desirable touch of machismo.

The Baccarat Rouge 540 basenotes are particularly instrumental in terms of setting this scent apart. Fir is an unusual ingredient to use, and it adds a tangy richness that is instantly recognisable.

We’d recommend keeping this one for special occasions, though. It’s not really a daily-wear eau de parfum and might be overkill if you’re just spending the day in the garden with the family!

What others have said…

This ‘inspired by’ fragrance is a definite bestseller, and with those exclusive ingredients, it’s not hard to see why. It drips with sumptuousness and is perfect for making a powerful first impression.

Our testimonials often comment on the following:

  • The quality of the ingredients
  • The longevity of the fragrance (with some saying they can still detect it several hours after application)
  • The positive reactions of others.

If you’ve got a Baccarat Rouge 540 review (our homage version), we’d love to hear it – simply get in touch via our website.

If you’re looking for a masculine aftershave that’s decadent without being ostentatious, and sophisticated without being too subtle, this is the ideal choice for you. It’s got it all – potency, opulence and versatility, without being too overpowering.

However, if you’d prefer something different (or just want to extend your eau de parfum collection), we’ve got a wide range of high-quality fragrances, all inspired by some of the world’s best-loved perfume designers. To view our range, visit the Copycat Fragrances website.

Disclaimer: all products mentioned above, along with their labelling, are a guide and should not be confused with the actual fragrance brand. Any name trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective designers or makers. Please note, these perfumes and candles are not to be confused with the originals, and we have no affiliation with any companies mentioned. Our interpretations of the fragrances and candles were created through chemical analysis and personal development, and their description is solely to give the customer an idea of the nature of the scent. It is not designed to mislead or confuse the customer in any way, and does not infringe on the manufacturer's or designer's name or trademark.

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