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Holy *#$&! Let’s Celebrate F*cking Fabulous

Holy *#$&! Let’s Celebrate F*cking Fabulous

Who wouldn’t want to feel F*cking Fabulous, eh? That’s what this fragrance is all about; making sure that the wearer feels their best throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a strong, uncompromising scent, our ‘inspired by’ version will probably appeal. Here’s more information.

Fabulous perfume – what’s it like?

  • Inspired by Fabulous UK
  • Top notes of clary sage and lavender
  • Central notes of bitter almond, leather, orris and vanilla
  • Base notes of tonka bean, cashmeran, amber and wood

Fabulous perfume – what’s it like?

When you first apply the fragrance, you’ll notice the indolent tones of lavender, combined with the herby, earthy scent of clary sage. A few moments later, the bitter nuttiness of almond cuts through the floral tones, along with the warmth of leather and the violet-smell of orris.

Leave the perfume to settle for a while, then sniff again. This time, you’ll pick up on the base notes – the wood and luxurious cashmeran, and the depth of amber. One of the best things about this ‘inspired by’ Fabulous UK fragrance is its longevity – you’ll still be able to smell it several hours after the initial application.

Fabulous eau de parfum – who would wear it?

There are some unusual ingredients in this fragrance, which means it might not be to everyone’s taste. However, if you’re looking for something fierce, feisty and attention-grabbing, it might be the scent for you.

The sensual undertones of leather and tonka bean lend themselves well to evening-wear; especially for a night on the town. However, the scent is fresh enough to be suitable for the workplace, or for a special event.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the more unusual elements:

  • The scent of orris. Orris is traditionally used in gin-making. In fact, it’s a root that people often describe as smelling like parma violets! In small measures, it adds a distinctive note.
  • The punch of bitter almond. Often associated with cyanide poisoning (thanks to Agatha Christie) – bitter almond is nutty and earthy, with just a hint of bite. Don’t worry, having it in your fragrance won’t kill you.
  • The earthiness of clary sage. Clary sage has a pronounced note of herbiness, with a hint of floral delicacy. There’s nothing ‘feminine’ about it though; it’s potent and earthy.

Fabulous eau de parfum – who would wear it?

Many customers get in touch to give us feedback about this fragrance. The average Fabulous review tends to focus on its distinctive, bold personality ; with many saying that they are now total converts and can’t imagine wearing anything else as a signature scent.

It’s certainly not an eau de parfum for those who like to blend in. But hey, if you were born to be f*cking fantastic, why not go for it?

Disclaimer: all products mentioned above, along with their labelling, are a guide and should not be confused with the actual fragrance brand. Any name trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective designers or makers. Please note, these perfumes and candles are not to be confused with the originals, and we have no affiliation with any companies mentioned. Our interpretations of the fragrances and candles were created through chemical analysis and personal development, and their description is solely to give the customer an idea of the nature of the scent. It is not designed to mislead or confuse the customer in any way, and does not infringe on the manufacturer's or designer's name or trademark.

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