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Everything you need to know about pink pepper fragrance

Everything you need to know about pink pepper fragrance

We’ve all heard of spicy perfumes – the ones that have a punchy hit of heat when you first smell them, and they often contain unusual ingredients that blend perfectly to create an irresistible scent. You might think of cinnamon, cardamom, or even heady florals such as rose, which are all highly coveted for their instantly recognisable scents that will always be crowd-pleasers.

One such ingredient that’s often featured in bold perfumes is pink pepper, a pungent and sweet spice that elevates any scent it touches, bringing a curious kick to an otherwise standard perfume. It’s a lesser-known ingredient in the fragrance world, but plenty of perfumers are jumping on the pink pepper train thanks to its delicate and delightful properties that are irresistible to the nose. It blends well with florals, sweet notes like vanilla, or even fruity notes, accentuating them and taking them to the next level. If you’re after a signature scent, nabbing one with pink pepper is bound to make you stand out. 

Try These Copycat Fragrances Featuring Pink Pepper

Soleil Blanc

Blanc is a real showcase of how versatile pink pepper is - despite its bold note, the pink pepper in Blanc is blended with sweet and floral notes for a fresh, sunny scent.

Pink pepper is featured in the top notes here, along with cardamom and pistachio. This creates a nutty, spicy fragrance that immediately feels warm and comforting. Tuberose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine combine at the heart of this perfume for a distinctively floral background that when combined with the pink pepper creates a stunning scent reminiscent of a fresh bouquet of flowers. Finally, the base notes are creamy vanilla, coconut, and tonka bean, hugely popular notes for their gourmand sweetness, and the pink pepper helps to accentuate this soft base. 

It’s been said that Blanc is reminiscent of summer holidays, thanks to the coconut and vanilla, but the pink pepper is what takes this scent from sun cream to sophisticated. It’s the perfect scent for a vacation glow all year round! 


VK is a fragrance for the man who loves a fresh, bold scent that’s reminiscent of adventure and the outdoors. Inspired by Creed’s Viking aftershave, VK captures the essence of the original designer fragrance at a fraction of the price.

Top notes of lemon and bergamot provide an invigorating blast of crisp citrus, and pink pepper also makes an appearance in the opening of this scent to add a sharp spice to the citrus. Its woody red berry aromas mix perfectly with the citrus for an instant hit of freshness. At the heart and base of VK are clove, cedar, and vetiver, adding a deep herbal note that makes this scent reminiscent of rain on a spring day. There’s a reason this is such a popular fragrance - its intoxicating scent is impossible to ignore and even harder to resist.

Whether it’s outdoor pursuits that you’re into or you’re more of an armchair adventurer, VK will give you that summery vibe even if the weather’s not on your side. Tap into your inner Viking with this spicy, fruity marvel. 


As the name would suggest, Spice isn’t shy on the punchy aromas, and it’s definitely one to go for if you’re not afraid of a bold scent. 

An addictive and masculine scent, Spice contains top notes of pink pepper, bergamot, and grapefruit for a fresh spiciness that’s an instant jolt of energy. The citrus notes are sharp and bitter, while the pink pepper lends a rose-like sweetness that blends perfectly with the tart citrus. It’s almost identical to the original despite being a fraction of the price and its strong notes mean it has incredible lasting power. Hints of cinnamon and vetiver round out this scent with a herby heat that’s as unique as it is alluring. 

Spice is a versatile scent, its citrus notes making it perfect for summer while its spices allow it to be an ideal winter scent too. Give this one a go if you want a burst of invigorating spice in your fragrance collection!

Why does pink pepper smell so good?

Despite its name, pink pepper has very little in common with black pepper - for starters, it’s not actually a peppercorn. Native to Peru and Chile, pink pepper comes from the Anacardiaceae plant family, the same plant that produces mangoes, cashews, and sumac, so it’s more of a dry, ripe fruit. It’s called pink pepper due to its similarity in looks to black peppercorns, but they’re not actually related.

While black pepper’s spice is a bold, almost bitter smell, pink pepper has more of a red berry aroma that’s tinged with heat for a unique scent note. It’s also extremely versatile - it’s been described as fresh, floral, spicy, citrusy, woody, and rosy. Not bad for a tiny little berry! It’s most commonly used as the top note in a perfume, but it’s also used as a heart note to bring a touch of its unique aroma. It’s almost like a spicy rose with a hint of deep spice, and it lends itself well to a variety of perfumes thanks to its unique scent that’s similar to a lot of other fragrance notes.  

The Pink Pepper Fragrance Process

Pink pepper oil is steam distilled, meaning it’s extracted through a distillation process that produces high-quality and fragrant oil that’s perfect for perfumery. Search “pink pepper perfume” and you’ll find that plenty of high-end perfume houses and designers are using it to create expensive scents that are both unique and enticing, but the price tag is enough to make would-be buyers shy away. 

Pink Pepper Fragrance at a Fraction of the Price

If the high prices of designer pink pepper perfumes puts you off, then try one of our inspired by versions. We’ve got plenty of scents that’ll give you all the spicy allure of a pink pepper perfume at a fraction of the price! It's ideal if you’re after a unique perfume for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, and it’s sure to grab all the attention. 


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