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5 Unusual Fragrances You Might Not Have Tried

5 Unusual Fragrances You Might Not Have Tried

When people buy perfumes, everyone’s looking for something different. Some want a standout, in-your-face scent, some want something more light and subtle, and people’s preferences in notes and type of scent vary widely from person to person. But if there’s one thing everyone’s after, it’s something unique - something that’ll stand out, and something that’ll be different from whatever the perfume of the moment is. 

In a world where there’s so much choice and so many scents that are highly praised by celebrities and beauty journalists alike, how does one find a unique and different scent? With the number of options, it can feel like a daunting task to even scratch the surface of lesser-known scents - never mind the price tag that often comes with designer scents that’s often almost as much as a month’s rent.

If this sounds like you fear not, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite scents that are as unique as they are affordable. There’s no reason to break the bank to smell good. Our fragrances also have enviable lasting power, so you can be assured they’ll stick around for as long as you do.

So, if you want to smell like an international man (or woman) or mystery, read on for our top picks and discover your new signature scent!

Noir 2

For something on the sultry side, Noir 2 is a bombshell of a scent that’s both an attention grabber and a powerhouse of deep, sensual notes. Inspired by Tom Ford’s Noir de Noir, this fragrance is a perfectly seductive blend that’ll draw people in with its undeniable allure.

Smells like...

Depth and intrigue come from oak moss and patchouli notes, for an intoxicatingly earthy base that enhances the sex appeal of this scent. Saffron provides a herby sweetness that’s unlike anything out there, and this expensive ingredient adds a touch of uniqueness to any scent it touches. Vanilla notes add a warm, gourmand quality that’s truly irresistible, and when blended with the earthy base notes, it creates an irresistible scent with a sexy allure.

If you’re someone who wants to make a statement with their scent, or just after something that’s as seductive as it is unique, Noir 2 is a great pick for your next night out (or night in!). Suitable for any gender, it’s a dark, deep perfume that’s perfect for the upcoming colder months as a fragrance that’ll make you stand out in the crowd. Even if the weather’s awful, if you’re wearing this, you’ll be too busy receiving compliments to be bothered about the rain.


Neroli is a cracker of an ingredient that plays well with a variety of other notes, and it can create a truly unusual scent. For example, take NS, where we’ve blended with uplifting citrus for a fresh and liberating scent.

Smells like...

Grapefruit and bergamot provide a sharp, fresh hit of citrus that’s an instant mood lifter, while a base note of ambergris rounds out the scent with its invigorating warmth. The addition of neroli as a heady, almost bitter floral is what takes this scent to the next level - It has a freshness that accentuates the citrus, while its muskier side compliments the ambergris for a distinctive scent that makes NS a powerful unisex scent. It’s like the smell of a fresh citrus grove with a hint of spice, and anyone who smells it will be begging you to reveal what you’re wearing. 

It also has lasting power that’ll go the distance, and its crisp citrus notes make this a perfect spring or summer scent. However, if you’re after a winter scent that’s reminiscent of summer days to brighten up the dark nights, this is a solid pick that’ll make you stand out with a unique choice of fragrance for the colder weather.


Vanilla perfumes are incredibly popular, and for good reason - their sweet warmth is comforting and bold. But if you’re after a vanilla scent that’s not like anything else, Fatale might be the one for you.

Smells like...

You’ll immediately be met with the familiar note of vanilla, its creamy and gentle scent creating an enticing aroma. As the fragrance develops, its heart and base notes of mahogany and suede as a spicy smokiness that elevates this perfume, making it unlike any other vanilla perfume. It’s a sensual, intoxicating fragrance that’s familiar yet unique, sweet yet spicy, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants a modern twist on a classic perfume.

It’s a versatile scent thanks to its balance of honeyed notes and fruity earthiness, so whether you’re after something sweet or you want something sexier, look no further. It’s a fantastic choice for an evening fragrance that’s bound to get people talking. 


If opulence is more your vibe, Blanc might be your new favourite. Conjuring images of light and spicey evenings, it’s bound to bring a bit of heat regardless of what season it is, and its compelling composition is hard to beat. 

Smells like...

Unusual top notes of cardamom and pink pepper create intrigue right off the bat, their uniqueness immediately setting this perfume apart. Pistachio is also featured in the top notes for a nutty twist that adds a certain fragrant warmth. Heart notes of jasmine, tuberose, and ylang-ylang give this a bold floral intensity that perfectly compliments the top notes and gives this perfume a hedonistic twist thanks to its sensual allure. Finally, the notes of amber, coconut, and tonka bean give a warm sweet base to this scent, making this a truly unusual perfume - there are not many fragrances out there that are spicy, floral and sweet.

For that Italian Riviera kind of sophistication all year round (and even if your budget doesn’t stretch to a luxury cliffside villa), Blanc will make you smell like you just hopped off a plane. Its standout combination of notes will definitely give you an expensive aura, and everyone around you will be dying to know how you smell so Bellissima.


A complex fragrance mix that’s alluring and unique. This is a popular choice for those who want an unusual perfume, with a gorgeous mix of spicey blends that are both heady and intoxicating.

Smells like...

Smoky florals will always make you stand out, and Ispahan is exactly that. It blends spicy wood notes with light floral water for a scent that’s both fresh and deep, classic yet modern. It’s got a distinctive rose note, which can often be powdery and dated, but the deeper base notes take this fragrance from old school to trendsetter. It gives off an air of mystery, and its irresistible allure is understatedly glamorous and softly sexy. Oud is a highly-coveted scent, thanks to its intense and unusual aroma that’s been described as floral, earthy, and sweet, and when combined with other woods and flowers it creates a distinctive and powerful fragrance. 

If it’s worldly mystique you’re after, Ispahan is a compelling aroma that’s impossible to ignore. It’s decidedly different while still being classic enough for everyday wear, day or night, regardless of the season. Spray some of this on and watch the compliments roll in. 


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