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Best Chocolate Fragrances to Wear this Easter

Best Chocolate Fragrances to Wear this Easter

Easter is a time for celebrating new life, the start of Spring, religious rebirth, and…chocolate!

Dessert notes like chocolate are commonly used in fragrances. They include sweet vanilla, rich coffee bean, orange, and, of course, various kinds of chocolate. Often used to add sweetness, sumptuous richness, and a sense of luxury, dessert notes in fragrances have a broad appeal. 

We’ve selected our favourite chocolate fragrances to share with you this Easter holiday. Now you can smell like the nation’s favourite seasonal confectionary and spread the olfactory experience of chocolate and the sweetness of dessert notes over the Easter weekend with friends and family. 

Orchid - Inspired by Black Orchid

Our favourite chocolate fragrance is Orchid. Inspired by Black Orchid, Orchid by Copycat includes chocolate and vanilla. A delectable combination that is smooth, creamy, and deliciously chocolatey. 

Orchid is a sensual and worldly fragrance with complexity and depth. The opening notes are sweet, nutty, and earthy, while the heart is a spicy mix of exotic and exhilarating floral scents. The chocolate and vanilla are arranged in the base, creating a creamy, rich, and subtle foundation to Orchid.

Try Orchid by Copycat

Amalfi - Inspired by Cloud

Another irresistible fragrance featuring chocolate is Amalfi. Inspired by Cloud, Amalfi uses rich praline chocolate to add an extra layer of luxury to this already lavish perfume. 

Fresh, youthful, and energetic, Amalfi combines vitality with sensual luxury. Fresh bergamot and pear comprise the top notes. Praline is introduced in the heart section of this fragrance, where it works together with vanilla and coconut to arose a hedonistic, indulgent luxury. 

Try Amalfi by Copycat

Bella - Inspired by La Vie Est Belle

The silky sweetness of praline chocolate can also be found in Bella. Inspired by La Vie Est Belle, Bella is a sweet, fruity, and exotic fragrance that uses the creaminess of chocolate to provide depth and extravagance. Once again, the praline is combined with the complex and subtle sweetness of vanilla. The pairing works beautifully in this complex and stunning perfume.  

Try Bella by Copycat

Fatale - Inspired by Vanille Fatale

With rich, dark coffee and the sweetness of vanilla, Fatale is a complex fragrance with many layers and heaps of mystery. Inspired by Vanille Fatale, Fatale contains many of the exact same notes found in the popular original. The top of this fragrance contains sweet and luxurious notes including rum and exotic saffron, while the coffee sits at the centre and the madagascan vanilla resides in the base. The effect is sweet, deep, and enticing. Fatale is a fragrance that cannot be ignored. 

Try Fatale by Copycat

Opium - Inspired by Black Opium

Our last choice is perhaps best described as the “after dinner” fragrance. Its name is Opium. Opium combines coffee with liquorice, orange, and vanilla, the effect is reminiscent of numerous types of sweets and flavoured chocolates you might enjoy after a cosy meal with an espresso. This fragrance is dark and addictive—just like chocolate—and has a seductive, enigmatic quality that is hard to place. 

Try Opium by Copycat

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