inspired byOud Wood (100ml) & Oud Wood Candle

inspired byOud Wood (100ml) & Oud Wood Candle


This stylishly presented gift box features our Oud Wood-inspired fragrance and matching candle for the home and will save you £12 when purchased together. It’s the ideal present for someone who loves sensual, attention-grabbing scents, not to mention a dose of Middle-Eastern glamour.

The fragrance is inspired by the bestselling Oud Wood and captures its heady potency to perfection. Featuring notes of oud oil, tonka bean and amber, it’s a great choice to nights out with loved ones, or for creating impact in the workplace.

Flood your home with this opulent scent too, simply by lighting the candle. It comes in a chic matt-black holder and offers hours of burning time, creating an exotic atmosphere for your next intimate evening in.


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