Inspired by  Baccarat Rouge 540
Inspired by  Neroli Portofino
Inspired by  Tobacco Vanille
Inspired by  Aventus for Her
Inspired by  Black Orchid
Best Seller Mixed Sample Bundle
Inspired by  Silver Mountain Water
Inspired by  Green Irish Tweed
Inspired by  Fabulous
Inspired by  Virgin Island Water
Inspired by  Viking
Inspired by  Tuscan Leather
Inspired by  Santal 33
Inspired by  Alien Perfume
Inspired by  Lost Cherry
Inspired by  Noir de Noir
Inspired by  Soleil Blanc
Inspired by  Millesime Imperial
Inspired by  Oud Fleur
Inspired by  Neroli Sauvage
Inspired by  Grey Vetiver
Inspired by  Original Vetiver
Inspired by  Costa Azzura
Inspired by  Love in White
Inspired by  Bois Marocain
Inspired by  Royal Princess Oud
Inspired by  Original Santal
Inspired by  Tuscan Leather Extreme
Inspired by  Velvet Orchid
Inspired by  Lavender Extreme
Inspired by  Café Rose
Inspired by  White Patchouli
Inspired by  Sahara Noir
Inspired by  Love in Black
Inspired by  Spring Flower

The Best Perfume For Women

Enjoy wearing gorgeous fragrances all day through and in the evenings too. Get yourself noticed wearing your signature fragrance from our collection of best perfumes for women. We have the perfect one for you… Whether you like light, fresh, and citrus fragrances or beautiful floral scents of jasmine and roses. Perhaps you prefer the classic notes of sandalwood and jasmine. the pine-filled scents from the forest or the allure of black orchid. Finding the perfect fragrance can be a challenge but we make it fun with our tempting range of cheap women's perfumes that are affordable which includes our best-selling bundle of assorted fragrances.

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Most women already have her favourite when it comes to fragrances, but before Copycat, top-quality perfume scents on the market were usually very expensive and limited to big brand names. People had to shell out a considerable amount of money for the best smells and aromas. Thankfully, our classic perfume lines changed the narrative, and now, you can get the best fragrances without depleting your paycheck.

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We substitute a few of the ingredients in our fragrances, but the core ingredients that give the unique smells are the same. So why spend a lot of money on expensive brands when you can get the same scent and distinct aroma for a token?

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We have an extensive catalogue for you to choose from depending on your mood, the occasion, or your preference. Our store has options for women looking for smells that are both fun and sensual. Light and fresh, classic, subtle, seductive, striking or whatever you typically go for - we’ve got you covered. If you would normally go for floral, fresh or a combination of notes, we have a variety of options you can choose from. There is a fragrance in our store for every woman, find your signature scent today with our sample pack.

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When you settle on a fragrance, we help to make payments more convenient for you by providing options to pay later in 3 instalments or 30 days. We guarantee you won’t find authentic and quality perfume at such ridiculously low prices elsewhere.