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What are the most popular perfume notes?

What are the most popular perfume notes?

When it comes to perfumes, we all have our own favourite scent that we are drawn to and use on a daily basis. When we choose that new perfume, there are a number of factors we consider before buying one. For instance, the shape or name of the bottle can be a big pull. After all, if it’s a particular brand we like or we find the bottle appealing, it makes us want to pick it up. Additionally, the price is often a factor when choosing that new favourite perfume we will use every day. We often go for something affordable yet scream luxury to ensure we can get away with it for casual to formal occasions. But the biggest factor of all is the scent.

After all, the smell of a perfume can sway us to decide on whether to buy it or not. There are a variety of notes out there that make the perfume smell the distinctive and unique way it does. But which ones do you find in the most popular perfumes. Here is your guide to some of the most popular perfume notes that attract people and are go-to options when you are looking for the next fragrance in your life.


What are notes?

Before we discuss the most popular notes which appear in some of the best-selling perfumes of all time, it’s first important to explain what notes are:

These notes are ingredients that are added to perfumes to help create that all-important scent. They are mostly used with other notes which blend well to create a new scent. The notes are added as a top, middle or base note. The top note is the one you tend to smell first when you first spray a perfume. Then once a top note has begun to fade, you will smell the middle note which is the most signature scent. You will smell these for the longest time and these notes tend to be the ones with the strongest, most prominent scent. Then finally the base notes last the longest and these are often quite subtle and charming.


Popular Perfume notes

Here are some of the most popular perfume notes that you will find in your favourite fragrances:



This sweet, charming note is a popular choice for perfumes for both men and women. The vanilla scent is often added to a fragrance to help create a sweeter, smooth scent that is adored for both casual and formal events. While vanilla is often used to create delicious sweet treats, it’s just as perfect for fragrances. It’s often combined with other spicy notes to add a delicate and sweet touch. It’s one of the most popular scents and is often found as the base note as it’s a perfect scent to be long-lasting. You will find the vanilla note in some of the major players such as Dolce & Gabbana’s The Only One perfume which is an alluring and beautiful perfume that women love. It’s mixed with coconut to give the wearer a soft and warming scent they can easily wear out on a date, with friends or to the office. It’s no surprise this has been such a popular perfume for wearers.



Floral scents are hugely popular and one of the most popular floral notes you will find in popular perfumes is rose. Roses are so popular and beautiful and the same qualities apply when used in a perfume. The beloved flower creates a distinctive, fresh scent that both men and women adore. Rose which is a favourite flower with everyone adds a really sweet, beautiful smell that is distinctive and perfect for that first date. Rose is often combined with woody scents to create a charming fragrance. You will find rose in a lot of the major perfumes such as Jo Malone’s London Red Roses perfume which is an ideal choice for those special occasions. The traditional yet contemporary fragrance used roses and combines it with the fruity scent of lemon and sweet honeycomb.



Fruity notes are very popular when it comes to fragrances. People love the citrus flavour which is fresh, exciting and summery. And lemon fits the bill when it comes to these qualities. It’s vibrant and bold and will make you feel positive and confident when heading out for the day with friends, your partner or with family. The lemon note is often used as a top note as it’s a distinctive scent that you want to smell first before lighter, subtle scents come into play. It’s very popular and you will find the fruity scent in a lot of fragrances mixed with floral and woody scents to create an irresistible combination that is a must-have for spring or summer. In fact, Dolce & Gabbana have their own Lemon fragrance which is the perfect, uplifting perfume and is an ideal fragrance for warmer climates. The lemon note in this fragrance is mixed with the spicy ginger scent to give it a warming smell. It’s no surprise lemon is a popular note with women and men.



You will also find that woody notes are in a lot of the major perfumes that are sold to people around the world. People love the comforting, classic scent and it’s no surprise that sandalwood in particular is a common note used as a base note in the popular perfumes. Sandalwood offers a woody scent that is warming, offers depth and is sweet. Its note offers long-lasting flavours that will work well when going to the office and drinks after work. It’s often used for a formal fragrance and both men and women like it. Sandalwood is often used to tone down the scent of livelier notes such as fruity and floral notes. It brings a warming and charming scent that people love. You will find sandalwood in some of the best-selling perfumes. For instance, from top brand Tom Ford, Oud Wood uses sandalwood to help create a woody scent. This popular perfume is a classic, comforting offering that uses sandalwood along with other spicy and woody scents to create a rich, unforgettable fragrance that men love.

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