What are the Most Expensive Perfume Ingredients?

Everyone wants a perfume that smells expensive. There are some fragrances that ooze opulence, thanks to their exclusive ingredients – and these are the ones you should go for. Of course, when you purchase one of our ‘inspired-by’ perfumes, you’ll smell luxurious without paying an extortionate amount…

Expensive perfume for men’s tastes…

If you’re male and you want your fragrance to exude high-end decadence, then you should look for the following ingredients.

  • Oud oil. Used in expensive perfume for men’s fragrances for centuries, oud oil is the ultimate luxury ingredient. It’s a very deep, intense aroma that’s immediately recognisable. Try a scent like Colonia Intensa Oud if you want to purchase an expensive oud perfume (or alternatively, our version is cheaper!).

Expensive perfume for men’s tastes…

  • Tobacco. Often, we associate expensiveness with authority and power. That’s why fragrances that feature bold, smoky ingredients always seem to smell high-end. Our version of Tobacco Vanille is the perfect example of this; it uses tobacco leaf to great effect, while softening it with vanilla.
  • Ambergris. Ambergris actually comes from the digestive system of a whale, but don’t let that put you off. This sought-after ingredient washes up on the shore and is highly prized by perfume-houses everywhere. It’s a distinctive, sea-salty aroma that elevates most fragrances. Try Aventus if you'd like to embrace the scent of ambergris.
  • Tonka bean. Tonka bean is definitely having a moment right now. It’s not only on-trend, it’s also associated with luxury living, which is ideal if you want a fragrance that makes you feel a million pounds. Fabulous is a great option as it combines tonka bean with various other expensive ingredients, like clary sage oil and cashmeran.

The most expensive perfume for women?

What about the ladies? If you’re looking for an ultra-glamorous high-cost perfume, here are the ingredients you should be searching for.

  • Myrtle and citrus. There are lots of gorgeous fruity fragrances out there, but if you want to take it to next-level expensiveness, look for a Mediterranean twist. Neroli Portofino is the perfect example. Our version of this ladies perfume uses myrtle with lemon and bitter orange, which is immediately reminiscent of wandering along the Italian Riviera. Celebrities, eat your heart out.

Mediterranean twist

  • Black truffle. They’re expensive to buy as a food, and just as pricey when in a perfume. Black truffle is the ultimate scent of opulence, which is why it’s ideal if you want to smell classy. Black Orchid is the perfect perfume for capturing the wonderful, rich aroma of truffle.
  • Patchouli. If you’re looking for an expensive perfume for women, search for something with patchouli, jasmine blossom or ylang ylang in it. These sumptuous floral scents pack a powerful punch, and are ideal for evenings out on the town. Miss Coco uses patchouli to marvellous effect.

What’s the most exclusive – expensive oud perfume?

Whether you’re looking for an expensive perfume for ladies or one for the gents, it’s probably fair to say that oud oil is the ultimate ‘wealthy’ scent. It’s hardly surprising; it comes with centuries of historical clout, and was favoured by royalty and wealthy merchants in the past.

If you’re looking for the most expensive perfume for men’s or women’s wear, then oud is probably the best scent to go for. We recommend purchasing a sample first to see if you like it; it’s a rich, intoxicating smell, which isn’t for everyone.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when searching for the ideal fragrance:

  • What impression do you want to make? Do you want people to associate your scent with luxury and refinement, or something else?
  • Can you find a better alternative? Some perfumes are costly, which is where our ‘inspired-by’ versions come in really handy.
  • Where will you be wearing it? If it’s for the evening, you’ll probably want something elegant and sophisticated. However, if you’re wearing it to work, this might not be such a high priority.

If you’re looking for an expensive perfume for women or men, then check out the range of scents at Copycat Fragrances. All are inspired by some of the world’s most exclusive perfumes, and best of all, they’re available at a fraction of the cost.

Disclaimer: all products mentioned above, along with their labelling, are a guide and should not be confused with the actual fragrance brand. Any name trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective designers or makers. Please note, these perfumes and candles are not to be confused with the originals, and we have no affiliation with any companies mentioned. Our interpretations of the fragrances and candles were created through chemical analysis and personal development, and their description is solely to give the customer an idea of the nature of the scent. It is not designed to mislead or confuse the customer in any way, and does not infringe on the manufacturer's or designer's name or trademark.

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