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The Top 11 Fragrances For Women 2020

The Top 11 Fragrances For Women 2020

‘ Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you feel quite simply marvellous’ - Estee Lauder


Perfume can make us feel happy, pretty, feminine and very sexy. Perfume is the final touch to a special outfit, a quick ‘pick me’ up during the day, a spray of confidence and adds allure and romance to a special evening. Copycats want you to have the fun of trying our versions of some of the world’s most beautiful perfumes…. at our very affordable prices.

  1. Oud Wood.

If you are looking for a fragrance that is individual, distinctive and long-lasting, may we introduce you to our top selling Oud Wood?

Oud Wood has been created using some of the world’s finest and most expensive ingredients – including Oud Wood (agarwood). This wood is the most expensive wood in the world and costs 50% more than the same weight in gold!  Treat yourself to this bold and sensual fragrance that has lovely smoky woody notes from the Oud and exotic rosewood that are blended with classic sandalwood, the fragrant grass, vetiver plus the vibrancy of pepper and cardamom. To add warmth to this fragrance, amber and the beans of the tonka tree are added. This sensual combination is then carefully interwoven with gossamer hints of vanilla. The result is an exotic, dramatic fragrance that will certainly get you noticed... 

  1. Baccarat Rouge 540

Warm and spicy – just like the original, Baccarat Rouge 540 is a sparkling, sophisticated fragrance that is a joy to wear. This sultry women’s fragrance has a lovely woody aroma and depth from a combination of ambergris freshly cut cedar and fir. There are exotic floral notes of jasmine and spiciness from saffron and the result is a sophisticated fragrance that will turn heads wherever you go….

  1. Neroli Portofino

This beautiful perfume captures the cool breeze, azure waters and lush foliage of a summer evening on the Italian Rivera. This light, modern fragrance is made from beautiful ingredients that sound good enough to eat. The top notes are the crisp clear scents of Sicilian lemons, mandarin orange, bergamot, myrtle, and rosemary. The perfume’s wonderful middle notes are African orange, jasmine, and neroli which is an essential oil made from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. The base notes that give a richness and warmth to this gorgeous fragrance are from amber, Musk Mallow and angelica. This modern, Italy women’s perfume is light, floral and very distinctive – perfect for any occasion and as a signature fragrance.

  1. Aventus for her

Irresistibly floral and fruity, this feminine fragrance has been inspired by the strongest and most powerful women throughout history and evokes inner strength and calm confidence when worn. The top notes of this stunning perfume are green apple, pink berries, Indonesian patchouli, and bergamot. The middle notes are the classic favourites of roses and sandalwood, combined with earthy and sensual musk. The fruitiness of sweet peaches is the anchor of the base notes of cassis, lilac, and ylang-ylang. Like the strong women in our history, this fragrance will leave an impression on everyone you meet.

The Copycat version of this irresistible women’s perfume is called ‘Señorita’’ and although it may not be our cheapest, it contains many of the same precious ingredients as the original and yet is still a fraction of the price!

  1. Tobacco Vanille

If you are looking for a distinctive, opulent fragrance that leaves a powerful impression, Tobacco Vanille, or as we affectionately call our version- ‘TV’- could be your perfect answer! This spicy fragrance has two main notes – the distinctive smell of vanilla interwoven with sweet tobacco. Other wonderful ingredients have been added to this fragrant melody including the creamy scent of tonka beans, the richness of dried fruit, the comfort of cocoa and the sweet smell of wood sap. The resulting perfume is very clever and very special – perfect to add to your perfume collection, for when you want to feel interesting and enticing.

  1. Black Orchid

Considered by many to be one of the best perfumes for women on the market today, we are proud to say that our Copycat version closely mirrors the original fragrance – at a much more reasonable price.

Black Orchid is heady, exotic women’s fragrance, that is perfect for after sunset. Its fragrance smells rich and luxurious and is both modern, yet timeless and very appealing. The top notes have been created with jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, blackcurrants and the unmistakable light scent of citrus fruit and the beautiful middle notes include florals and the unique black orchid. The depth and richness of the base notes include patchouli, sandalwood and warm and evocative smells of dark chocolate, incense, and amber. Together they create a heady, feminine and truly bewitching fragrance.

  1. Silver Mountain Water

Inspired by crisp mountain air and crystal clear streams, this contemporary and unique perfume is perfect for men and women. We have called our take on this popular fragrance ‘SMW’ and we are proud to say it has the same distinctive fragrance and lasts all day through.

Light and understated, this wonderful fragrance is clear and fruity - with lots of citruses. Its top notes include bergamot and mandarin and its middle notes include green tea and blackberries. The lingering base notes of SML include warm musk, Galbanum (an aromatic gum resin) and perennially popular sandalwood. It is a fragrance that can be worn at any time of the day for any occasion and is discreetly memorable.

  1. Fabulous

Our Copycat version is nicknamed ‘Fab’ and this pretty fragrance really is! Our Fab fragrance is fresh and floral and will certainly lift your spirits – even on a gloomy day. The distinctive top notes are the lovely clean citrus smells of mandarin and nectarine. The mid notes are like a beautiful floral bouquet with freesia, jasmine, peony, and tuberose, whilst the base notes are woody and spicy with hints of vanilla, cedarwood, and sandalwood. Fabulous will soon become one of your firm favourites and will never leave your handbag. 

  1. Virgin Island Water

This intoxicating summer fragrance is like an exotic holiday in a bottle!  Its scents are a cocktail that conjures up the magic of a sun-kissed Caribbean island and it can be worn by men and women perfectly. Just like the original, the ingredients in our VIW include coconut, ylang-ylang, exotic flowers and the crispness of fresh lime. Light, fresh and very sexy, you will be reaching for your sweet-smelling bottle of Virgin Island Water regularly.

  1. Santal 33

Our popular version of this intoxicating fragrance is every bit as beguiling – at a fraction of the cost. Filled with the spirit of the Wild West, this dramatic fragrance with its lingering aroma is ideal for men and women.  Sophisticated and spicy, Santal 33 can be worn both during the day and in the evening and has an appealing and recognisable fragrance of spicy, leather and musk. Its top notes are of violet and cardamom whilst its middle notes include iris, papyrus, and ambox. The base notes of this fragrance are the classical scents of cedarwood, sandalwood, and leather. Santal 33 for those who enjoy wearing singularly bold fragrances.

  1. Alien Perfume

Our ALN resembles the dramatic Alien perfume for women – but not the price tag- and promises to awaken the goddess in you. Combining sensuality and spirituality, this alluring perfume has dramatic Indian jasmine at its heart. A heady combination of white amber, woody scents and tingling fresh citrus. ALN exudes positive energy and yet is intriguing and mysterious making it an uplifting fragrance to wear at any time..


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