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Top 10 Aftershaves For Men

Top 10 Aftershaves For Men

Perfume is personal magic.

It is a first impression and a lasting recollection.


The aftershave you choose can help to refine the character and style that you want to project to others. Our extensive collection of perfumes for men includes popular classics and new fragrances that have been innovated with longevity, quality and your enjoyment in mind.

Lovingly crafted by experts, our fragrances for men are made with top-quality ingredients and formulated to be long lasting and superior value. So why not treat yourself to some new aftershave, you will find something on this list that is perfect for every occasion.

Here's a breakdown of the top 10 aftershaves for men.   

1. Aventus for men.

Is it any surprise that an has made this list? Created with blackcurrant and Italian bergamot, along with a rather eclectic list of ingredients that includes pineapple, musk and patchouli.

This stunning Eau de Parfum called Executive smells indistinguishable from Aventus. The inclusion of so many beautifully intertwined elements combined in one perfume oil makes this scent fit for a king.

Travelling between sweet, euphoric fruit notes to hedonistic, smouldering musk and back, the complexity of this hypnotising scent will keep your admirers on their toes as they strain to get a better smell of you and find out what happens next.

This scent isn't all just peaches and cream, the base notes of musk and will project that bad boy edge upon all those who followed their nose along the trail of preceding succulent notes straight to you. They will be helpless to resist as the beckoning base notes hook them in.

Whilst Executive is extremely enduring and long-lasting, you know how to maximise this or any scent’s longevity and shelf-life? Be sure to learn about it so that you get the best value! 

2. Sauvage

DS, inspired by the infamous Sauvage, is a scent for those looking for sophistication, incredible versatility and the distinct excitement that smelling citrus notes brings. Their zesty aroma resembles sunshine, life and energy.

In one breath, those smelling the citrus undertones of DS on you can be reminded of these fantastic things and renewed ready for the rest of the day ahead. Not without spending a bit more time around you taking it all in at first though.

There is a bit of a side to DS, it gives a little shameless flirting as it knows it's wanted. It knows it's fresh and it knows it's in demand. Thanks to this polarity of day and night, platonic agenda and passionate want, DS is a perfectly versatile scent fit for any occasion.

This is an Eau de Parfum inspired by the wilderness greens with woody facets. A love of life is represented by citrus freshness and animalistic passion conveyed through spices and musk.

3 Oud Wood

If you're looking to make a positive, lasting first impression, you need to look, walk, sound and smell the part.

You want a fragrance that lives up to what you're trying to portray. Confidence, class and charismatic distinction. What could be better than a scent that includes an ingredient more valuable than gold?

Oud wood, also known as agarwood or the Wood of the Gods is a fragrant, unique smelling wood taken from aquilaria trees. There are no parallel scents in the natural world, making this smell extremely precious and one-of-a-kind. It's also referred to as Liquid Gold in reference to its high monetary value.

The smell is masculine and gives smoky depth to this stunning, sultry scent which is brimming with dramatic intrigue thanks to sandalwood, pepper and cardamom. Neroli, which is extracted from orange flower, supplements this woody scent with its demure sweetness and adds to the mix like a golden nectar.

Oud Wood smells like exclusivity. It smells like success and it smells like no other.

What are you waiting for? Go for gold! 

4. Baccarat Rouge 540.

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a timeless classic, considered by many to be their all-time favourite smell and is a signature scent for countless people from all over the world.

540 has been inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 and includes a few of the various fragrance families within its composition. An aromatic fragrance, built with warm notes that conjure the Eastern charm of incense and spices.

Earthy notes of ambergris contribute to this aromatic scent and accentuate the temperate depths of the woody notes of amber wood.

Cedar and fir take you deeper and deeper, spicy notes turn the temperature up. Breathing it all in is as comforting as sitting beside the crackle of an open fire on a cold winter night. You're aware that the world awaits outside, but in here, in this moment there is only you and the glow and warmth of this fire.

For those looking for warmth, depth and understated authenticity that you emanate as you wear it, you've found it with 540. 

5. Neroli Portofino

If you're looking for the invigorating freshness of a Mediterranean summer's evening and the lightness of an Eau de Toilette, Just Neroli is perfect. Just Neroli has been inspired by Neroli Portofino and is a refreshing scent.

Just Neroli is actually an Eau de Parfum, although its fresh notes mean it's light enough that it doesn't overly intensify in the heat. As far as men's fragrances go, this is contemporary, clean and crisp with the vibrancy of freshly squeezed citrus fruit or zingy sweetness of a sliced blood orange. It's light, with a touch of liveliness.

It's not all energy and golden rays with this attractive blend however. Rose, myrtle, lavender, and jasmine help it to mature and amber, white musk and musk mallow reveal some layers of depth. Even after revealing this depth, Just Neroli remains a wholly positive vibes only kind of scent.

Its addictive smell and infectious personality are irresistible to all those who are around it. People are drawn to Just Neroli and its wearer.

6. Tobacco Vanille.

TV, inspired by the cult classic fragrance Tobacco Vanille, is extremely metropolitan and oozes with the style of a central London bar. Marble floors, exquisite wine sipped from the finest crystal ware and satin-lined suits tailored bespoke to the wearer. TV's sophisticated smell fits right into this opulent environment.

Whilst being elegant, TV is also personable and charming with warm, spicy notes of Tonka bean, vanilla and cocoa. The woody base notes add depth and the pleasing notes of dried fruit complement this already charismatic scent. 

7. Black Orchid.

Orchid has been inspired by Black Orchid from Tom Ford. An Eau de Parfum with an alluring personality, Orchid boasts rich, luxurious notes of black orchid and spice. This delectable and sensuous unisex fragrance features a stunning assortment of ingredients including black truffle, ylang ylang, bergamot, patchouli and a playful twist of citrus. 

This contemporary fragrance projects irresistible magnetism and ravishing sensuality, those wearing it will notice heads turn as they walk by. They will hear comments of 'Someone smells absolutely gorgeous' and smile knowingly. They'll enjoy the awareness that they smell great and have people inhaling deeply, trying to take in as much of Orchid's experience as they can.

8. 33 - Inspired by Santal 33

Any fragrance with the stunning, distinctive scent of sandalwood is always going to be a gratifying experience to smell. It's woody, spicy and long-lasting with a comforting warm sweetness. 33, inspired by Santal 33, is no exception.

This indulgent perfume is one of the most popular fragrances in the USA, with sophisticated patrons where it in bars and restaurants throughout New York and Los Angeles. It's rugged smell speaks of a time, not long since passed, of cowboys and the great American plains. 

33 combines warm notes of leather, sandalwood, and cardamon to create a sophisticated fragrance. The perfect addition to any fragrance wardrobe

9. Silver Mountain Water.

In the fragrance world, there's a seemingly infinite number of aftershaves for men, it's understandable that it could be hard to find a signature scent with all that choice.

Many men who appreciate crisp freshness from men's fragrances or an aromatic scent choose Silver Mountain Water as their signature scent. Women often love it also due to its vibrancy and light summer-ready smell.

has been formulated after inspiration from Silver Mountain Water, cool, clean and icy it's refreshing to wear and smell.

This is a versatile men’s fragrance thanks to its diverse notes. Top notes of bergamot and blackcurrant, the heart notes of green tea and mandarin citrus notes and characterful base notes of Galbanum (an aromatic gum resin), sandalwood and petitgrain - (the essential oil from bitter orange trees).

Petitgrain has a citrus woody scent and Galbanum provides the fragrance with an element of woodsy depth to this otherwise bright and airy fragrance option. Quite a natural scent with potential to be used for most occasions, be that date night, business meeting or BBQ with friends. SMW is a great option for it all. 

10. Green Irish Tweed.

Quirky, nature-inspired and worn with pride by many men over the years, Green Irish Tweed has always been a popular aftershave for men. GI has been created after inspiration from Green Irish Tweed and stays true to its roots.

With fresh, clean notes of zingy lemon, aromatic herbs and revitalising peppermint, this scent is a breath of fresh air and offers the naturistic fulfilment of a countryside walk. Wildflowers, verbena, and cedar transport those smelling GI to the wilderness. It's beautiful, it's rugged and it smells unforgettable.

The perfect ratio of nature to masculinity, which makes this an easy wear for any guy looking for aftershaves for men.

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