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The Most Popular Wood Based Perfumes

The Most Popular Wood Based Perfumes

While wood may not sound appealing when it comes to perfumes, woody fragrances are some of the most popular perfumes on the market for women and men. The woody perfumes are often warming and are suitable for wear all year round. People love the charming woody scents which are often striking and aromatic, perfect for making a statement. The scents are earthly and fresh and wood fragrances are an ideal choice for heading to work in the morning. You can feel fresh and ready for the day ahead when wearing one of these fragrances. Woody perfumes are also ideal for going out with friends or just having a casual day. It’s not just for a certain age group either; woody fragrances might have a cool, fresh feel but they are also sophisticated and subtle. They are often sultry and with scents like sandalwood and cedar making the warming perfumes perfect for that first date or night out on the town.

You will also find woody scents such as pine and vetiver which are often combined with feminine, fruity fragrances which give the perfume a lift. They are often combined with floral scents too. Male woody fragrances also sell well and often have woody notes such as musk and amber which are ideal for a charming, stand-out fragrance. With so many available on the market, it is hard to choose which wood based perfume is the right one for you. Therefore, here are a few of the most popular wood based perfumes that cause a splash and will become your go-to fragrance.

Oud Wood inspired by Oud Wood

One woody fragrance that is making waves is Oud Wood. This version of the popular fragrance for men and women is the perfect woody scent. A charming perfume, it offers a long-lasting scent that will create a statement when you are out and about. The scent is loud and striking and is the perfect choice for going out with friends, heading to work, or even on a date. Oud Wood stands out as it uses woody ingredients that all create a bold and dramatic fragrance. From rosewood, rich oud and sandalwood, these are combined with pepper and vanilla to give a new and exciting scent that wearers love. Inspired by a designer fragrance of the same name, Oud Wood is definitely a popular fragrance and those who adore woody scents will love this contemporary fragrance.

33 - Inspired by Santal 33

This luxurious brand has a charming woody perfume that is enticing and intriguing. Santal 33 is a long-lasting scent that certainly causes a stir when worn as a daily fragrance. The familiar scent is a light yet powerful fragrance that is the perfect choice for those who love woody scents. A popular choice, businesses and individuals can’t get enough of this woody perfume which is perfect for everyday wear but also can be utilised when you are going out on the town. The perfume has a really unique set of notes with woody choices that include violet accord, leather and sandalwood and cardamom that create a cool and sophisticated scent. The popular perfume is a true gem in the woody offerings on this list and will create a statement.

Alien inspired by Alien

Inspired by the iconic Alien, which is a long-time favourite perfume in the fragrance world for many women, this scent is a woody fragrance that has bundles of feminine charm. An affordable version of the original Alien perfume, this beautiful fragrance uses wood and amber to create a striking perfume and adds in some jasmine, which gives off that sweet and charming scent. A delightful choice for both day and evening wear, this popular woody perfume fits all occasions. Whether you are going out for the evening or want a sensual perfume for a date, Alien will create a statement and ensure you are smelling divine. The stand-out perfume for women is warming and will help to create a radiant look. The comforting, striking scents make this woody perfume a best-seller.

Fleur inspired by Oud Fleur Notes

An inviting and charismatic fragrance, Fleur is a woody fragrance that is hugely popular. If you are looking for a bold yet sweet perfume, this one ticks all the right boxes with its woody scents ensuring you make a statement with your perfume. It’s an ideal perfume if you are heading out for a special occasion with friends or a loved one or you just want to feel good when going to work or out with friends. The perfume contains oud wood, sandalwood and resin giving the perfume that traditional woody scent. However, it is combined with rose and patchouli which gives it a sensual and sweet scent too, making it ideal for both men and women. Fleur is inspired by Oud Fleur and is a captivating and seductive scent. The popular fragrance which is designed for both men and women is irresistible and bold. Fleur follows suit with this charming fragrance which uses similar notes and is an affordable version of the popular fragrance.

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