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The Best Selling Vanilla Perfumes

The Best Selling Vanilla Perfumes

When it comes to sweet and spicy perfumes, a lot of these firm favourites include the delicious vanilla scent. While it might sound sickly, vanilla is a desired scent as its full of flavour and can be charming and sophisticated. A lot of people go for a vanilla perfume when they are heading to work to start the day off right with a great impression. Vanilla works as well when you are heading out with friends or on a sweet first date. Vanilla is rich and alluring and will instantly make an impression when you enter the room. It’s also warming so while it’s irresistible for warmer weather, it will also work just as well during the colder months. The sweet scent is often combined with notes such as floral, fruity and woody to create a new exciting scent. For instance, when mixed with woody notes, vanilla can create a smoky and spicy scent. A soothing scent, it becomes fresh and light when placed with a floral scent. It’s long-lasting, making the perfume a popular choice with men and women. A lot of the best-selling perfumes on the market use vanilla as one of their main scents. Here are some of the most popular vanilla perfumes available.


TV inspired by Tobacco Vanille

TV is a charming vanilla perfume that is a popular choice for men and women. For those who love the vanilla scent, this fragrance offers a sophisticated smell that is perfect for the workplace, a night out with friends or a family day out. While vanilla is normally a sweet, spicy scent, this TV fragrance uses cocoa and tonka bean to make a strong, musky smell that is rich and deep, perfect for all weathers. The vanilla scent adds a sweet touch to the fragrance which is a spicy choice that is long-lasting and will make an impression on others. TV is inspired by Tobacco Vanille which is by the designer Tom Ford that was first launched in 2007. This perfume contains top notes of tobacco leaf, middle notes of vanilla, tonka bean and cacao and base notes of deep fruits. TV uses these similar ingredients to capture an irresistible vanilla perfume.


Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

From the designer Yves Saint Laurent, this Black Opium is a sophisticated vanilla perfume that women will love. A perfect choice for the workplace, this is a rich and flavour full fragrance that while offers a feminine and sensual scent, this is a perfect fragrance to help you ooze confidence and charm when you walk into a room. Mixed with delightful strong scents, Black Opium is mixed with notes that include black coffee and white flowers which mixed with vanilla creates a charming, unforgettable scent. A sweet and seductive, this Black Opium perfume is the perfect choice to make a statement when meeting friends or going on a date with your other half. This popular perfume will become your go-to fragrance.


Noir 2 inspired by Noir de Noir

An irresistible perfume, this Noir 2 fragrance uses vanilla as one of its main scents and it creates a charming, unforgettable scent that is loved by both men and women. Noir 2 is a delightful fragrance that is rich and warm, perfect for all year round. Enticing and sensual, this is perfect for the workplace, a day out with friends or on a date. Ideal for both casual and formal occasions, the vanilla note offers a sweet touch to the perfume. The vanilla note is mixed with lavender, black rose and truffle which give it a spicy, strong scent. Perfect for making a statement, oak moss and patchouli gives it a rich smell. Noir 2 is inspired by Noir de Noir which is a popular fragrance from Tom Ford. The charming perfume which is designed for both men and women and was created in 2007 has notes that include vanilla, black rose and agarwood to name a few that creates a stunning perfume. Noir 2 uses this as inspiration to create the stunning, signature scent.


Prada Candy Kiss

A feminine and sweet perfume, Prada’s Candy Kiss is an irresistible perfume that is a bestselling option on our list. From the popular fashion brand, this gorgeous perfume uses vanilla as its main ingredient which gives the fragrance a sweet and spicy scent perfect as a lightweight perfume during those spring and summer days. Flirty and sensual, this perfume is often used for a night out on the town or a day out yet is still a perfect choice to feel confident when going shopping or meeting up with friends. But while vanilla is a prime note, the fragrance does include other fruity scents to give it an uplifting, strong scent. The soft and sweet fragrance is mixed with white cotton and orange blossom to create a musky, addictive scent that will become your go-to perfume for everyday use. Women will adore this charming fragrance which will leave a sweet aroma when you have left the room.


DS inspired by Sauvage

You can make a statement with DS which is strong, deep and rich, a perfect fragrance to ensure you stand out from the crowd. The vanilla fragrance is an ideal choice for helping you create a confident and charming look at the workplace. It is also a beautiful choice for a day out and works well in formal and informal occasions. With a sensual feel, the versatile scent is a perfect choice for individuals who want a bold fragrance that will turn heads. Dynamic and alluring, the DS fragrance offers a lively, fresh aroma. While its vanilla note ensures the perfume is sweet, the spicy fragrance has an exotic feel. The fragrance is combined with pink pepper and vetiver to create an unforgettable scent that you will love. The spicy perfume is inspired by Sauvage which is the best selling choice from the powerhouse that is DIY. One of the most popular fragrances that use vanilla on our list, Dior created this cool fragrance which DS uses inspiration from to create a divine, affordable vanilla fragrance.

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