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The Best Perfume Notes To Wear This Summer

The Best Perfume Notes To Wear This Summer

Are you getting ready for the summer season ahead?

While you might have been putting all that effort into the prep for your hot girl summer, have you ever thought about what to do when summer comes?

No doubt we’re confident you’re going to look good and feel good, but there’s one thing you might want to add to seal your summer look. That’s perfume.

Perfumes can help make you feel great and elevate your summer experience no matter where you are. Therefore help get you ready for the summer season ahead of you; check out the best perfume notes to wear.


15 Best perfume notes to wear this summer

Here are some of the best perfume notes to wear this summer:


1.   General summary notes

If you want a gender-neutral smell, you should definitely wear perfumes containing pomelo notes and sweet figs. To save it from being too floral, you should also aim to wear a perfume with saffron and musk in, as this adds a slightly cool touch, toning down the floral notes. Because of this, these notes make it a good perfume to have for both genders.


2. Male esque notes

If you want to have a more masculine type of aftershave, then you’ll want to have notes that smell like the air from the salty sea. These notes are quite sexy and more subtle than other sweet and floral notes. If you want to smell seductive in the summer, you should wear perfumes with notes of grapefruit and bergamot.


3. Italian inspired notes

Have you dreamed about spending your summer down the Amalfi coast? Or just being around rivers, lakes and beautiful architecture in Italy? Even visiting Italy, you can add to the smell by wearing fruity notes. Perfumes with notes like apple, orange blossom and lemon can add some serious zest to your day. Moreover, if you want to feel like an Italian summer, you should think about wearing fragrances with musk and cedar notes.


4. Feminine notes 

If you want to appeal to your inner girly side over the summer, you might want to choose notes that reveal your sweeter side. The best types of notes for doing this are perfumes with peach, ginger, and rose scents. Try and get all of them together as they can provide you with a cheeky and flirty smell.


5. Tropical treat

Do you want to smell like you’re on a tropical island? If so, then you should think about light notes. For instance, fragrances with notes of vanilla, white iris, mandarin oils and coconuts can make you feel like you’re in an oasis even from the comfort of your own home. These notes are definitely a mood booster for sure.


6. Summer rain smell type notes

Have you ever come across that lovely smell in the summer that occurs before it rains? If you’re familiar with this, it’s a delightful smell to wear and can make you feel refreshed. One of the best ways to capture that smell is by wearing fragrances with notes of musk, leaves, patchouli and coconut water.


7. Non intoxicating notes

If you want to capture males, attention passing by, you’ll want to wear summer notes that aren’t overwhelming to others. Fragrances with notes like pink pepper and bergamot will subtly get others to notice you but not intoxicate them.


8. Floral and fresh Mediterranean notes

Be anywhere in the world and take the smell of the Mediterranean with you to give you that summer feeling. Try and opt for fragrances that have notes with grapefruit and neroli to give you those Mediterranean vibes. 


9. Sunshine type related notes

Feel like the sunshine wherever you are with notes that alight and bright. Fragrances with notes with a zesty scent and a subtle hint of lemon and cedarwood will make you feel like you’ve spent all day in the sun. These fragrances will remind you of the long and stunning summer days of every spritz.


10. Light and airy notes

If you’re not looking for a heavy fragrance, one that has a lighter breeze, you should aim to look for light and airy notes. Think of a nice white summer t-shirt that moves in the wind and is easy to move around in. 

If you want to feel and look like that, you’ll want to choose notes that are light to wear, such as jasmine, pear and fresh-cut grass. These notes will leave you looking casual and smelling fresh like it’s an everyday perfume.


11. Seductive notes

Are you looking to get some attention over the summer? If so, you should look to wear notes in fragrances that are sultry, seductive and spicy. Especially with perfumes that have notes of plum and cognac to feel like they’re being seductive.


12. Just floral notes

If you’re looking for a floral type scent for this summer, you should look for perfumes with floral notes. In particular, if you check out perfumes with notes that have lily, ambergris and gardenia, it will make you feel like you feel like you’re in bloom.


13. Bold and energetic

If you want to wear fragrances that are known to make a statement over the summer, you should look for bolder notes. In particular, look for perfumes with rose, pink pepper, golden amber, and sandalwood notes.


14. Bali inspired notes

Have you been to Bali or wanted to feel like you’re in Bali? Even if you’re looking to get island type smells, you’ll want to be careful of the fragrances you pick. In particular, you should look for perfumes with notes of grapefruit, slate tuberose, and amber.

These notes combine together to make a smell that feels like a tropical destination like Bali. If you want to add an even more tropical feel, you should look for perfumes with honeysuckle, water lily and açai.


15. Summer breeze

If you want to feel fresh and like a summer breeze going over you, you should look for fragrances with flowery notes. In particular, you should look for perfumes that have notes like rose, tuberose, orange blossom and praline.

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