Smoking Hot! Check Out This Tobacco Perfume

Nothing beats a traditional, masculine scent. Tobacco Vanille body spray is a fantastic example of a timeless fragrance at its best, with a dominant smell of tobacco leaf and other complementary flavours.

If you don’t want to splurge on the original, then you might be interested in our ‘inspired-by’ cologne, which captures the essence of the iconic classic. Here’s more information about it.

Private blend Tobacco Vanille

  • Inspired by Tobacco Vanille
  • Top notes of tobacco leaf and other spices
  • Central notes of tonka bean, vanilla, cacao and tobacco blossom
  • Base notes of dried fruits and wood

Private blend Tobacco Vanille on Copycat Fragrances

We like to think of this as a ‘gentleman’s club’ fragrance. It’s distinguished and elegant, and definitely well suited to those who like to hark back to the past. It’s defined by:

  • Smoky hints of tobacco – though we’re not talking cigarette smoke here. Think the full richness of fresh tobacco leaf, which is strong, heady and potent.
  • Sweetness – the tonka bean and vanilla all counteract the mild bitterness of the tobacco leaf, creating a perfect balance.
  • Woody depth – there’s a hint of wood here, which conjures up images of walnut-panelled drawing rooms or rustic log-cabins. Pure unadulterated masculinity, in other words.

We like to think of Tobacco Vanille as a ‘gentleman’s club’ fragrance

The ingredients are all sourced from the best quality growers, which is important, especially given the issues with vanilla at present. It also makes a difference in terms of scent longevity – simply put, if the ingredients aren’t top notch, the overall potency of the fragrance will suffer.

What is this tobacco perfume like?

When people give us a ‘Tobacco Vanille review' (comparing ours with the iconic designer eau de parfum), they usually comment on its strong, uncompromising scent. It’s definitely not a fragrance for shy and retiring types!

Although it’s powerful, it’s not over-the-top. There’s subtlety and complexity to it, thanks to the complementary notes of dried fruit, wood and cacao. These all serve to balance the high-impact aroma of tobacco leaf, and to take it to more sophisticated, debonair levels.

What is this tobacco perfume like?

It’s a great choice of fragrance for the workplace. The combination of flavours gives a real sense of authority, which is ideal when you want to make an impression in an important meeting. We’d also recommend it for evening-time; it’s got the right note of refinement to set off a romantic meal or party with friends.

Some men also wear it as a day-to-day scent, as they feel the vanilla and other spices give it a more casual, laid-back feel.

Is it right for you?

If you love Tobacco Vanille eau de parfum, then this is likely to be a sure-fire hit. It features the same smoky, sensual aroma, and the quality of the ingredients means it’ll last you throughout the day.

At the first spray, you’ll notice that intoxicating hit of tobacco leaf coming through. This then settles, letting the subtle sweetness of vanilla, cocoa and tobacco blossom break through. It’s a really pleasing combination, which lasts several hours. Lastly, you’ll detect the tang of dried fruit (which is vaguely reminiscent of warm winter nights by a fireplace) and rich wood.

It’s a versatile, shifting fragrance that gently transforms throughout the day.

Is Tobacco Vanille right for you?

If you’d like to extend your eau de parfum collection, Copycat Fragrances has a wide range of men’s colognes, inspired by some of the world’s best-loved designer scents. To browse our collection, simply visit our website.

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Love Tom Ford and I have a few bottles. Price is a bit extreme though. I’ve fancied the TV as my very good friend has it. I purchased a bottle and put some on prior to him coming. When he arrived I asked him to smell my new fragrance and he immediately identified it as TV. I was blown away how similar the smell was. It also lasts all day. Definitely worth a buy 👍

Jason Hazell March 01, 2019

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