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9 Ways to smell great on your wedding day

9 Ways to smell great on your wedding day

So your wedding day is around the corner, and you think you have everything ready, but what about your smell?

While all your focus might have gone on the main event, guests' experience and your look, your smell is equally as important!

After all, you have a long day consisting of vow exchange, guest greetings, the evening celebrations and more. To keep you prepared for this all, you'll want a aftershave or perfume that sticks to you throughout the day, making you feel fresh at any given moment.

To help keep you smelling great on your wedding day, we've come up with a list of the top tips that you must check out below.


9 Best ways to smell great on your wedding day

Here are some excellent ways you can smell fantastic on your wedding day:


1.  Use Deodorant

First things first, you'll want to use deodorant before starting any celebrations on your big day. We know it might sound like a basic rule, but it's very helpful for your long day ahead. Nowadays, you can get a lot of antiperspirants that can cling onto your body for 12 hours at a time.


2. Get personalised scents

If you want to make your big day real special, you and your wife or husband could get personalised fragrances. Picking out the different notes of your perfume and building something to wear for the day ahead can also be an exciting experience. Plus, you might want to have distinct masculine and female scents, so on the wedding day, your smells can complement one another. A great way to do this is by layering perfume.


3. Spray fragrance on your wedding clothes

Before your wedding, you might want to start adding fragrance to your clothes and accessories slowly. Take time to add a couple of sprays to your dress, suit, shoes, undergarments and more until the day arrives. In addition to spritzing yourself on the day, this will provide a long-lasting scent which will help let you smell good for longer.


4. Apply body oil first

Regardless of using fragranced or non-fragranced body oil, you should apply it before adding any fragrance for the day ahead. This is because fragrance oils act as a natural layer and provide a delightful smell for their natural base. Ideally, you should consider wearing natural oils like rose or lavender to make your perfume or cologne stand out.

Natural body oils are strong and can last for long times on your body. Similarly, if they don't have any scent, they are good for moisturising and help your fragrance stick to you for longer.


5. Add layers to your fragrance

Another thing you should consider doing alongside applying body oil is using different lotions and creams and layering the smell. The best way to do this is to spritz the fragrance on your body and apply body lotions or creams to keep it intact. Doing this helps the smell to last long on your body, but also, the alcohol in the fragrance stops the cream from breaking down, keeping you well moisturised on your day.


6. Apply the fragrance in the morning

You don't want to be that person who walks past your guests down the aisle with a cloud of fragrance. After all, the last thing you'll want is your guests to choke on your fragrance or find it difficult to breathe. 

Therefore the best thing to do is to spray your perfume on your body in the morning, as soon as you've just dried off out of the shower. You'll want to do this just before putting on your suit or wedding dress.

The reason for this is the heat from the body will help influence the base notes, making it smell better and easier for your guests to take in.


7. Choose a new scent

If you don't have the time to get personalised scents, you should definitely consider getting a new one to smell great on your wedding day. Doing this will allow you to have a distinct memory of your wedding, serving as a gentle reminder of your special day in the future.

To make it extra special, you might want to get a fragrance with floral and fresh notes to energise you throughout the day. Ideally, choose a fragrance you have never worn and one that has no attachment to a memory or feeling.



8. Be mindful of what you eat

While you should have fun on your big day, you might want to be careful what you consume during the day. If you want to smell great for longer, you should avoid certain foods like onions, garlic, chives and more. 

While you might smell great overall, you don't want bad breath to let you down! Moreover, you might want to limit certain foods like Brussel sprouts and broccoli, as they can sometimes be difficult to digest, making you suffer from flatulence problems.


9. Consider your environment

No doubt, when it's your big day, you'll be greeting guests all over your event place. But when doing so, you should try to avoid unnecessary rooms or places. For instance, don't go into the kitchen or stay in the parking area. As smells from food or dust outside could cling onto your wedding outfit, making you smell bad and look dirty.


How to wear perfume on your wedding day

Now you have an idea of how to smell great on your wedding day, let's do a quick reminder on how to wear your fragrance. You must know where to spray it to last longer, so others can smell you well. Therefore the best way to apply perfume is by placing it on your wrists, collarbone and elbows. You should not try and rub it in; instead, let the smell of the perfume slowly develop.


Final thoughts

Overall, your wedding will be a pretty fun-filled day full of memories. Some of the best ways to smell great are by being mindful of the food you eat, your environment, fragrance, and your method of application. Try and choose a new perfume to have a forever memory of your wedding.

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