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Should you wear perfume or aftershave every day?

Should you wear perfume or aftershave every day?

Perfume has been popular for thousands of years. The oldest perfume in the world was found in Pyrgos, a village in Cyprus. Named by archaeologists as ‘Eau de BC’: the perfume is thought to have been made 4,000 years ago. The perfume was made using extracts of lavender, bay, rosemary, pine or coriander and kept in tiny translucent alabaster bottles. Perfume has always been considered a luxurious and sensual accessory for both men and women.


In the past, many women only wore perfume on special occasions, and very few wore it on a daily basis. Men never wore aftershave, or if they did, again, it was only for special occasions. Today, both women and men are now wearing a fragrance very regularly, and an increasing number are wearing one every day because it feels great!


Wearing perfume or aftershave every day has many advantages. Perfume can make men and women feel attractive. Perfume can help enhance the wearer’s mood, boost confidence and create magical moments. Perfume can be used to lift the spirits, or it can reflect the mood. Different perfumes can be worn to suit different occasions and they can make a good first and last impression as well as being an aphrodisiac. Wearing an attractive fragrance can make you memorable. Perfumes and aftershaves are very personal choices, and you should spend time choosing the one that is right for you.


The essence of wearing perfume/ aftershave is to wear it well. Unfortunately, we all know people who wear too much strong perfume, and it can be overpowering and trigger a headache as well as being a total turn off.


The big question for debate is whether you should wear one fragrance or different ones? There is no clear answer, but here are some interesting points in favour of each.


Is a signature fragrance best?


Wearing the same fragrance every day can work really well. After all, Marilyn Monroe declared that she went to bed only wearing Chanel No 5 and her name has always been linked with this iconic perfume!


Once you have discovered your favourite fragrance, you will wear it whenever your confidence needs a boost – a recent survey found that 90% of women feel more confident wearing their chosen fragrance and some described their level of confidence as ‘being able to rule the world’! Wearing your chosen perfume well will definitely get your recognised, and your fragrance will certainly linger in other people’s memories.



Wearing a signature fragrance can be good -


1. It is your favourite fragrance; it makes you feel good and fills you with confidence.


2. in the scramble to get out the door each morning, you never have to waste precious moments considering which fragrance is best to wear.


3. If you wear your chosen fragrance well, people know it and remember it – some of your friends and colleagues will know when you have entered the room, even without looking up.


Choosing a signature fragrance takes time, and patience as the fragrance must suit your character. The best signature fragrance is light but lasting and distinctive, so it is memorable.


For men, the classic signature fragrances include Oud Wood, Black Orchid, Aventus and Sauvage. There are a number of his and her fragrances in a variety of price ranges.



Having a choice of fragrances is fun…


1. Choosing a different fragrance that bests suits the occasion can be fun, with lighter crisper fragrances for the day and heavier, alluring fragrances for the evening.


2. You can choose the fragrance to match your mood or to lift it, and you can match the fragrance to the event.


3. You should definitely wear a different fragrance each day as you don’t wear the same clothes!


If you think that you would prefer a variety of perfumes/ aftershave, it is best to have just a handful at any one time so that they can be kept in pristine condition. All fragrances should be kept in their original box a cool dark, dry place – well away from direct sunlight. 


Amongst your chosen array of fragrances should be one that is light and casual, which will be perfect for lazy weekends and going to the gym. A fragrance that is fresh and crisp is perfect for the work environment as it will complement your smarter look, and you will definitely need a stronger, sexier fragrance for romantic evenings.


Some people like to add seasonal favourites to their collection as this mirrors the weather with light florals for spring and summer, woody fragrances for autumn and lovely spicy ones for winter.


Enjoying your fragrance all-day


There are a number of clever tricks that you can try to help make your perfume/ aftershave last just that little bit longer...


To ensure that your fragrance lasts as long as possible, apply it directly on your skin once you have had a shower and when the pores of your skin are open. Before you use fragrance, moisturise your skin. Applying fragrance to your newly washed skin will help ‘lock-in’ the fragrance for longer.


* Enhance the smell of your fragrance by adding it to your moisturiser. Use an oil-based unperfumed moisturiser. Add a few drops of your chosen fragrance to the bottle of moisturiser and shake well. Apply to your skin and gently rub in.


* Now it is time to apply your perfume – do this before you get dressed and importantly before you put on any jewellery. Apply your fragrance and allow to dry on your skin for a few moments; otherwise, it could mark your shirt or blouse.


* Apply your fragrance to your body’s pulse points. If you are using aftershave, don’t just apply it to your cheeks and jaw. The pulse points are the areas where your body is warmer, and this helps your fragrance to develop. The pulse points include the back of the neck, the inside of your wrists, the crook of your elbow, the back of your knees, and for ladies, knees and ankles.


* Apply your fragrance carefully. Either lightly spray the fragrance or dab it onto your pulse points. Do not rub the fragrance as this will make the ‘top notes’ quickly disappear.


* A clever trick is to spray some fragrance onto your middle layer of clothing (patch test first to ensure it doesn’t stain or damage the fabric)


* If you plan to wear a scarf, spray it lightly with fragrance. Even if you are not wearing a scarf, you can spray one with perfume and tie it to your handbag – Parisian style.


 * Spray your fragrance on your hairbrush and then brush your hair (don’t spray your fragrance directly onto your hair as this could have a drying effect)


There is definitely an art to wearing perfume. Anyone can spray themselves with fragrance, but to wear a perfume really well definitely is definitely a skill and one that practice will make perfect…...introduce fragrance into your daily routine and enjoy!

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