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Picking The Right Scent - Our Guide To The Most Popular Perfume Scents

Picking The Right Scent - Our Guide To The Most Popular Perfume Scents

Perfume is one of our essentials for the day ahead. Whether we are heading out to town, going to work or heading on a date, a spray or perfume is a go-to option before leaving our home. With this in mind, we want to ensure we choose the right perfume for us After all, we want to show who we are and portray a certain image from our perfume. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect perfume.  A lot of us choose an appealing bottle with a stunning design that we are attracted to. The name is also a factor in helping us make the right decision on a perfume if we find it intriguing or special. Also, the brand can help us to reach a decision on which fragrance to choose.

But the main factor in picking perfume is the scent. Choosing the right scent is so important to ensure you leave a lasting good impression and show off how you are feeling. From wanting to appear alluring to fancying a strong, powerful scent, there are so many different scents out there that can add to your character.  Therefore, in this article, we delve into the various scents around such as floral, fruity and woody that appear in a lot of the most popular fragrances in the market for men and women.


A popular scent for perfumes, you will often find floral fragrances as the best sellers. They are lighter in smell with a feminine feel that is perfect for day to night. A fresh choice, a floral fragrance is a perfect choice for the spring and summer months. These floral scents tend to range from bold, strong floral fragrances that are perfect for those who want to bring a confident and flirty feel to their look while other floral fragrances are more light and sweet, ideal for those who want an understated, calm perfume. A floral scent is a beautiful choice, especially when combined with other stronger notes. For instance, mixing a floral scent with a woody or spicy base or middle notes. They make the perfect top note and can bring a light feel to a perfume. It’s not just female fragrances that you will find the floral scents in; a lot of men’s fragrances also include these to make the ultimate daywear fragrance. Here is a list of some of the floral scents you may find in the most popular perfumes.

Rose: Rose is such a sweet, popular floral scent that you will find in some of the major perfumes on the market. A luscious, fresh scent that will really boost your look, it’s no surprise it’s found in Marc Jacob’s hugely popular Daisy perfume. It makes a lovely, unforgettable scent that will see you reaching for a bottle. 

Lavender: Another popular floral scent is lavender and you will also find this in perfumes, as well as bath products and skincare. Such a popular scent, it’s known for its calming properties and that is why many people buy it as a stress reliever. It’s a delicious choice for a perfume and works well as a top note. It’s also strong enough to make a stunning impact when worn as a daily perfume.

Tea Tree: Tea Tree has lots of benefits as a scent in a perfume and has been used for other skin and health-related purposes for years. With a cleansing, pure feel, this is a perfect floral scent for a daily perfume to help calm and relax you. It’s often added as a middle note and helps to create a charming, fresh feel. 

Violet: Violet is another popular floral scent that you will find in major perfumes such as Dolce & Gabbana’s The Only One. It’s fresh and charming with another charisma to help you stand out. It’s the perfect top note and will help you to stand out when combined with other strong scents.


You will also find that fruity scents are a popular choice when it comes to fragrances. Adding a fresh feel to perfumes, a fruity scent will help to make a great impression whether you are just going out with friends or heading on a first date. They are often sweet and give it a playful feel to your whole look, but if paired with a spicy or woody scent, a fruity scent can be quite charming and sophisticated. While they are often found in feminine fragrances, you will also find fruity scents in lots of men’s fragrances. They add a lighter, fresh feel to a lot of men’s aftershaves. They can be great top notes and are perfect for when looking for a perfume that will add confidence, beauty and appeal to your look. Fruity scents are often a great choice during spring and summer and you will find people buy them when heading on holiday. Here are a few of the top fruity scents that you will find in the most popular perfumes on the market.

Cherry: A sweet scent with tons of character, cherry is a lovely, strong fragrance that will smell beautiful when placed on your skin. It’s a popular scent that you will find in perfumes such as Lost Cherry by Tom Ford. When you combine the cherry scent with other smells, it will create a bold, striking perfume, perfect for nights out.

Pear: A fruity scent that is refreshing and calming, pear features in many of the major players and is a beautiful, irresistible scent. You will find it in many of the best-selling perfumes including Lancôme's La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum.

Orange: A tangy, refreshing scent, perfumes that include orange as a note make a stunning perfume choice. It’s often combined with woody scents to make a strong, long-lasting perfume that will smell gorgeous and will be the perfect choice to make a statement.

Lemon: A sweet aroma that is feminine and sultry, a lot of people choose a citronella scent to give their appearance a lift, especially when it’s warm outside. It will give any perfume a fresh boost and is a mild, positive choice. When the lemon scent is combined with floral notes, it creates an uplifting, fresh perfume for everyday use.


You will find that woody scents are a very common smell in fragrances for both men and women. The scent is striking and will make an impression on anyone you encounter. Woody scents are often combined with lighter scents such as a fruity or a floral scent to create the perfect smell. Whether you are looking for a masculine, strong fragrance or want a feminine, sophisticated perfume, woody scents are a versatile choice. When you look at some of the top-selling choices on the market, you will find that woody scents tend to be the base note. This is so this scent lingers for longer and is a strong scent. A rich and dry scent, this is a powerful choice for your every day lifestyle or work wear and is also enjoyed by people who enjoy outdoor life. The delightful scent can remind people of hiking and walking in the countryside or give the impression that you are an outdoors person. Here are some of the main woody scents you will find in the bestselling fragrances on the market.

Cedarwood: The woody scent of cedarwood is a common smell you will find in fragrances for both men and women. Cedarwood has long been used for its calming, protective scent in health and relaxation products. But now it’s a common base note in perfumes and has a fresh, delicious smell that people love and it combines well with floral scents.

Resin: Resin is a woody scent that everyone loves in their perfume. With a strong, captivating scent, it’s a smell that works well with other lighter top notes. It is a great choice if you are heading on holiday or want to impress at the workplace.

Vetiver:  A woody fragrance that originates from the Indian Subcontinent, this is becoming a popular choice for perfumes. With a tranquil, strong scent, it is a great choice for a base note and smells beautiful when combined with sweet scents. You will find it in Jo Malone’s Vetiver & Golden Vanilla.

Sandalwood: Another popular woody scent is sandalwood. It’s a deep, rich scent that is sophisticated and full of charm. It makes a strong base note and will leave a long-lasting smell even once the top note has lifted. It’s a perfect choice for men’s and women’s fragrances and you will find it in Gucci’s Bamboo perfume.

We hope from this article you will have a greater understanding when next choosing a fragrance. While fruity, woody and floral are some of the major scents for perfumes, there are several other scent types out there such as aquatic and spicy. So it’s worth looking at the various scents before making your final decision on your brand-new perfume.

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