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Perfume Layering Guide: Make Your Own Unique Fragrance

Perfume Layering Guide: Make Your Own Unique Fragrance

It’s always hard to just choose one signature perfume that becomes your go-to perfume for everyday use. After all, there are so many beautiful fragrances out there that have their own unique qualities, making them a popular choice for our collection. But what if we told you that you didn’t just have to pick just one fragrance that you love for your everyday perfume. A lot of people are now choosing two or more fragrances and layer them together to create a brand-new favourite scent that will leave a lasting impression. This is an exciting idea that lets you ensure you have a great new scent that is unique to you. But what exactly is perfume layering and how easy is it to do. In this guide, we will explain to you how it works, what scents are best to blend and how to make your own unique fragrance.

Why layer perfumes?

There are many reasons why you should consider layering perfumes. Here are just a few of the main benefits:

A unique scent- For one thing, it means you will have a completely different scent from everyone else. When you are out with friends or at the workplace, it’s always a shame when someone else has chosen the same perfume as you. After all, we all go for a fragrance we think is best for us and showcases a good impression of us. So it can leave us feeling flat if we have the same scent as others. So when you layer perfumes, it gives you something unique that nobody else will have the same. You are technically creating a brand-new, distinctive scent that is just for you and will wow everyone. They will definitely ask you where you got the unique smell from and you can tell them it’s something you created yourself.

Different moods- We all wake up in very different moods every day. Some days we need a lift from a perfume and want something that will add positive energy to our day. Other days we want something a bit more low-key and mild, especially if we are heading on a casual day out or are just going to meet family. When you layer perfume, you can get the best out of different scents and they will work together to match your mood. Therefore, you don’t have to wear something that doesn’t feel like you that day. 

Various scenarios- When you choose a perfume, they don’t always have everything you need to work well with a particular scenario. Perhaps you want something a bit lighter that will work as well going to see friends after work as well as being suitable for the workplace. Or something that will be perfect for outdoors while also being a fun perfume for a date. Layering perfumes or aftershaves means you have something that will work for multiple scenarios and is a versatile choice.

Long-lasting- It can be frustrating when you find your perfume scent has started to weaken partway through the day. When you combine two different fragrances, you will find that the scent will last longer as it will take a while to absorb all the scents. So if you want a long-lasting perfume for all-day use, layering perfumes will work well with you.

How to layer perfumes?

When you decide you want to try to layer perfumes, there are a few things you need to consider before you begin to attempt to layer them:

Ensure you don’t apply too much of either

While you want a strong scent that is long-lasting and noticeable to others, you want to ensure you don’t apply too much of them both. Otherwise, the scent will be too powerful and will put others off. One way to find out if you have applied too much is to return to a room a few minutes after you have left. If it’s remaining, this is a sign you have applied too much of both. You want to make your presence is felt and enjoyed. Practice applying different amounts to ensure you layer the correct amount of both fragrances. 

Think about seasons

Another thing to consider when layering perfumes is the season. You want to compliment the current season with your new fragrance. For instance, in the summer months you will want something fresher and lighter so ensure you have a pleasant, fresh contrast with your new blend. But in the winter, you can create a fragrance that is rich and deep for your scent. Consider the season when layering perfumes.

Layer more than just two perfumes 

It doesn't have to be just perfume you layer; the same principle can work if you use a different scented body mist with your favourite perfume. Or even work to apply a body cream with a new scent that will blend well with the perfume. You can also layer with the matching body cream to the perfume to ensure you have a long-lasting scent.

Notes to layer

One of the main things you need to consider when making your own unique fragrance is the notes. You want to create a beautiful, distinctive smell with a scent that you like. You need to learn about the notes and find out what you like so you can then layer with different scents. It’s also a good idea to layer perfumes that both contain one note which is the same. That way, they have something in common to help the scent smell great. Another thing you should know about notes is that there is a top, middle and bottom note. These all work together to create a perfect scent. There are a few different types of notes that work better with others. Here are some of the best notes to layer and the ones to avoid:

Woody with a fruity scent 

You could combine a fragrance that has woody notes that is strong and powerful with a perfume that is light and fresh such as a citronella scent. Sandalwood is often paired with cherry or orange to create a distinctive scent. The pair layered together will create a charming, sultry perfume that you will love to wear for hours. They easily combine to create a beautiful scent that is perfect for everyday use, for the workplace or even for a first date.

Spicy and sweet 

Sometimes complete opposites can make the perfect perfume layering combination, so it’s worth trying a spicy note perfume along with a sweet perfume. For instance, a spicy note such as chilli peppers or saffron that gives a perfume a unique and strong scent might combine beautifully with a sweet vanilla note fragrance that will give the fragrance a positive, fresh lift. It will not be too overpowering and will have just the right amount of both to create a stunning new perfume.

Fruity and floral

For a divine fragrance that is perfect for the spring and summer months, you could try to combine a fruity note perfume with a floral fragrance. These two together will help you to create the ultimate feminine fragrance which is perfect for a girls’ night out, a weekend away with a partner or a strong, independent workplace scent. The two notes are similar but will blend beautifully to create an irresistible scent. You could layer an orange fruity note with a rose floral note perfume to help to create a unique new scent. 

Aquatic and fruity scents

Aquatic fragrances are rising in popularity especially when it comes to men’s colognes. A lot of the fragrances use these scents to help create a refreshing and crisp fragrance. And you can layer this aquatic perfume with a fruity scent to make an impact. It will give the fragrance a new, unique scent that will leave an impression on everyone you meet. Men might decide to layer fruity and aquatic fragrances when they are heading to work in warmer weather, going on a first date with someone new or even heading out on a men’s weekend.

What not to do when layering

While it’s all down to personal preference, there are a few things you shouldn’t do when layering.

Don’t combine two dark scents  

Remember to not layer two scents that are both too heavy and dark. You will just end up with a scent that is too strong and overwhelming. You need a bit of light with the dark to ensure the fragrance isn’t too heavy, especially when you are heading out on a day out or to the workplace or it might bring down your mood.

Don’t combine fragrances full of notes

Also, if the perfume is already full of notes, this distinctive smell might just be too unique to be mixed with another perfume. Stick to fragrances that only have a couple of scents as these are much easier to layer with other fragrances.

Don’t just smell it straight away

Experimenting is key when it comes to layering. But when you want to try your new exciting scent, you need to apply it before leaving it a few minutes for it to dry onto your skin and then you can see if you like the scent. Otherwise, if you smell it straight away, you might have a completely different scent. So wait to let it work its magic before trying to decide if you like your layered fragrance.

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