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How to Pick the Right Scent for Your Skin Type

How to Pick the Right Scent for Your Skin Type

Have you ever smelt a fragrance on someone else, only to try it on yourself and it was like a completely different scent? What the heck is going on here? Well, just as individual as every person is, so is how a perfume reacts on your skin. This is due to a number of factors such as body chemistry, skin type and environment. You might wonder then, how on Earth can you ever choose the perfect scent for you and your skin type if a scent's outcome can be so unpredictable?

Take a read of our guide to inform yourself on what can affect a fragrance's aroma. You will always have the know-how to pick the perfect perfume for you and your needs!

What Factors Can Affect How a Perfume Smells?


The level of oil and moisture within your skin is one of the most important factors for how a scent reacts when you spray it on yourself. The amount of oils you have can be determined by how much sebum your skin produces. Sebum is an oily substance secreted by your sebaceous glands which are attached to the roots of your hair follicles. Sebum helps to seal moisture into your skin and keep bacteria out.


A hotter basal body temperature can significantly intensify a perfume's scent and increase the speed at which it disperses from your skin. So you may find that the same fragrance you wear in both warmer and cooler temperatures smells different between the two. It's likely to be more intense yet last a shorter duration in the summer months than what it does in the winter.

This more vivid, yet cropped wear time is down to the faster rate at which the perfume diffuses within heat. The heat speeds up evaporation of the perfume's molecules which is why some fragrances are specially formulated to suit the season.

Skin PH

Your natural skin PH can play an important role in how a fragrance is perceived by those around you. PH stands for 'potential of hydrogen' and the PH number refers to positioning on a spectrum between acidic and alkaline.

A neutral PH is about halfway between these two extremes and is where skin looks healthy, glowing and supple. When your skin's PH moves beyond the neutral range to either the acidic or alkaline ends of the gradient, skin can be more problematic and less able to retain a scent.

Sweat has a slightly acidic PH, this can also react with your perfume and alter its smell. This might affect your choice of fragrance for hitting the gym and sweating it out on the treadmill. (If you wear one there that is).


Even the bacteria on your skin can have a big effect on how a spritzed perfume wears for you. Some microbes smell and their scent can really vary from pleasant to pungent. So, factor your hygiene routine in when considering perfumes.


They say that you are what you eat, never were a truer saying when it comes to wearing fragrances. Eating enough intensely flavoured foods such as onions and garlic can affect your body chemistry. This can be to the point that your skin secretes odours from your pores. These odours combined with the fragrances that you spray on yourself can give an entirely unexpected smell altogether.

Making Sure Your Perfume Smells Great, Whatever Your Skin Type

Evaluate Perfumes, Your Situation and Needs from a Perfume

A simple rule for choosing the right perfume is to be mindful of all the above factors and remember to choose fragrances that suit what you need. For example, if you're looking for a fragrance and your skin is on the oilier side, remember that you will likely find your scent could potentially be rather intense due to your extra oils. 

So, you might want to choose a fragrance with floral or citrus notes that are fresh and soft. Alternatively, opting for an Eau De Toilette could still provide you with the scent that you want but a lighter version that won't be so strong.

If you have dry skin, don't forget that scents will smell weaker on you than oilier skin types. You might want to opt for an Eau De Parfum due to the increased concentrated volume of ingredients in comparison to Eau De Toilette. Applying your fragrance to pulse points such as your wrists and neck which have higher temperatures can help to optimise your scent's potency.

Look After Your Skin

Taking care of your skin so that it's well moisturised, nourished and in good condition will help your efforts in making your skin efficient at holding onto spritzed products. Upholding good habits in your lifestyle and optimising the above factors will benefit both you and your skin.

In addition to implementing healthy tweaks to your nutrition, hygiene and moisturisation, you might want to consider your stress levels, sleep and mindfulness.

Quality, restful sleep is necessary for the optimal function and condition of your skin. Regular mindfulness and meditation can be useful for reducing stress, even if it's only in minute, daily manageable amounts. Start small, form the habit with continued repetition and it will become second nature that you can build upon.

Last but not least, the old adage of drinking plenty of water. You've heard it a hundred times over from countless sources. Drinking enough water is paramount to skin health. The human body is mainly comprised of water, so it's no wonder that it's a key ingredient for reparation and skin vitality.

Whilst many of the choices you make affect your skin's health, there will always be some element that is out of your control due to heredity. So, here are some perfume suggestions for all skin types no matter your skin type or situation!

Fragrance Recommendations for Dry Skin Type

You already know that dehydrated skin doesn't retain a scent's potency as effectively as oily skin. So if you have dry skin and are looking for a fragrance that packs a little more punch, you might need a heavier scent with more enduring notes and ingredients. Here are some great fragrance suggestions for you:

Inspired by Noir de Noir - Tom Ford - The Best Fragrance For Dry Skin

This is a long lasting, classy, unisex scent that keeps going on and on thanks to the spicy, earthy notes, with the touch of rose giving a floral edge. Even dehydrated skin will smell noticeably amazing all day after a good spritz of this.

Inspired by Alien - Mugler

With notes of jasmine, amber and wood, this fragrance literally smells out of this world. Highly individual, strong and sensual, nothing smells quite like it. This is a great option for drier or dehydrated skin as the scent is quite powerful without being overwhelming.

Inspired by Lost Cherry - Tom Ford

Ladies, if you have drier skin and need a scent that is feminine whilst holding the staying power of stronger perfumes, Inspired by Lost Cherry could be the right perfume for you. The top and middle notes include sour cherry, plum and Turkish rose. 

The base notes however are the important notes when considering longevity. They're the last notes you smell and what you will notice hours after spraying. Lost Cherry's base notes include a whole host of lasting ingredients, so you know this will be a show-stopper all night long, even on drier skin.

Fragrance Recommendations for Oily skin Type

Generally speaking, oilier skin will increase a fragrance's wear time and intensity. Lighter scents with fresher notes mean less scent power on oily skin than heavier notes. Check out our stunning scent suggestions for those with oilier skin:

Inspired by Green Irish Tweed - Creed - The Best Fragrance For Oily Skin

This is a sophisticated aftershave with a crisp, spring vibe. Lemon, violet and sandalwood combine to make this a zingy option for the quintessential gentleman. Perfect for those who need something that smells fantastic and won't overpower those around them.

Inspired by Aventus for Her - Creed

Inspired by Aventus for Her is a timeless classic, being fruity, floral and feminine throughout. This is the perfect option for ladies with oilier skin that need something on the demure yet irresistibly elegant side.

Inspired by Sublime Vanille - Creed

Could this be your new signature smell? If you have oily skin and are conscious of choosing scents that don't overwhelm the senses, Inspired by Sublime Vanille could be a good fit. The top notes here treat your nose with bourbon vanilla and vanilla orchid, then a mix of lemon and musk follow. 

This makes a great, fresh option that will provide you with that precise amount of scent needed to impress without inundating the noses in your vicinity.

Now you know about choosing fragrances by skin type, do you want to find out more about how long aftershaves can last?

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