Here Comes the sun… Soleil Blanc

Every so often, a unisex fragrance comes along that’s genuinely suitable for both men and women. Soleil Blanc is one of them. Sultry, spicy and unexpected, it’s a real stand-out eau de parfum that’s ideal for those who like to wear an unusual signature scent.

Our version of this perfume captures the distinctive quality of the original, at an appealing price. Here’s more information.

Soleil Blanc body spray – the details

  • Top notes of pistachio, pink pepper, bergamot and cardamom
  • Central notes of ylang ylang, tuberose and jasmine
  • Base notes of coconut, tonka bean, benzoin and amber

Base notes of coconut

This fragrance features several unusual ingredients, which is what makes it exotic and intriguing.

  • Pistachio and cardamom. These top notes provide an immediately recognisable nutty, spicy punch. Pistachio also has a hint of sweetness, which is complemented by the bergamot.
  • Coconut and tonka bean. Coconut is perhaps one of the most evocative aromas around, and immediately transports you to a sandy Caribbean beach. It combines perfectly with the rich depth of tonka bean.
  • Benzoin. Benzoin has a hint of vanilla to it, which rounds this fragrance off to perfection.

Pistachio also has a hint of sweetness, which is complemented by the bergamot

Soleil Blanc body spray is perfect for daytime wear, thanks to its spicy, invigorating personality. However, there’s enough depth and sensuality in it to make it a good ‘day-to-night’ option too.

When you first apply our version of eau de Soleil Blanc, you’ll notice the sweetness of bergamot, which is enhanced by the tang of pink pepper. Pistachio and cardamom add complexity and interest.

Leave it to settle for a while, then take another sniff. You’ll notice that the scent has subtly changed, allowing the central notes to come to the surface. Ylang ylang, tuberose and jasmine are all sensual, enticing aromas – more musky than fresh and floral.

After another hour or so, the base notes get to work – adding depth and allure. These are sweet, distinctive and exotic.

Sandy Caribbean beach

Eau de Soleil Blanc – who’s it for?

Soleil Blanc is perfect for men or women, and would be suitable for virtually any occasion. It’s formal enough to be worn at an event, such as a wedding or dinner, but is also sultry enough to be suitable for a hot date. In short, it’s a flexible, hard-wearing fragrance that is ideal as a day-to-day signature scent.

If you’d like to find out more about our version of this much-loved scent, visit the Copycat Fragrances website. You’ll also find our whole range of eau de parfums for men and women; all of which have been inspired by some of the world’s most famous designer scents.

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