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Fragranced Candles: Get the Designer Scent in Your Home

Fragranced Candles: Get the Designer Scent in Your Home

Scent is important to humans. A pleasant smell immediately makes you warm to your surroundings. A nasty niff? Not so much.

There are a variety of ways you can fill your home with great scents; but none set the scene quite like a perfume candle. Here’s some information about our range of men’s candles (UK-made and inspired by designer fragrances).

Fragranced Candles: Get the Designer Scent in Your Home

Why fragranced candles?

A diffuser produces a great smell, but let’s face it; it doesn’t create the same atmosphere as a candle. There’s something evocative about candlelight; whether you’re eating a romantic meal or relaxing with friends in the lounge.

A perfumed candle offers hours of fragrance too; unlike an air freshener or diffuser, which tend to lose their potency after a while. However, if you want to use a candle to create the right mood (and aroma), you need to choose the right scent for your home.

Men’s candles (UK-made) – inspired by designer eau de parfums

We’ve got an exclusive range of candles, which feature scents inspired by some of the world’s best-loved designer fragrances. Here’s a run-through:

The Aventus-inspired candle

This designer-inspired candle pays homage to the bestselling Aventus eau de parfum, and is infused with a variety of high-quality ingredients. 

What to expect:

  • Top notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, apple and pineapple
  • Central notes of patchouli, rose and jasmine blossom
  • Base notes of ambergris, oak moss and vanilla

The overall effect:

Our luxury candles (UK-made) are all designed to offer maximum impact, and this one’s no exception. It’s a blend of freshness and exoticism, and although there are floral notes, there’s nothing feminine about it. This is the ideal choice for entertaining friends; the fruity notes add a touch of liveliness to the air, while the warm oak moss and ambergris give depth and richness.

Where to use it?

Perfumed candles like this one are well-suited to entertainment areas such as living rooms, conservatories or dining areas. They also offer a great scent to have in the office, as the zesty scent really wakes you up. Think invigorating and stimulating, not relaxing. This fragrance likes to be noticed.

The perfume candle inspired by Black Orchid

The best fragrance candles are those that are immediately recognisable. This exotic, woody scent is unmistakable from the moment you enter the room. It’s got some seriously high-end ingredients, such as black truffle and jasmine, which gives it that exclusive, luxurious aroma.

What to expect:

  • Top notes of ylang ylang and jasmine
  • Central notes of patchouli and bergamot
  • Base notes of sandalwood and black truffle

The overall effect:

Think exotic, indolent and oozing with opulence – in short, a potent and powerful aroma for the home! The jasmine and patchouli lift the fragrance to ensure it isn’t too deep, and the black truffle adds richness and decadence.

Where to use it?

If you’re planning a romantic evening or simply want a luxurious scent while you’re relaxing after work, this is the one for you. It’s laid-back, masculine and intoxicating, so definitely more an evening scent than one for daytime use.

Luxury candles (UK-crafted) inspired by Oud Wood

Fragranced candles like this one are perfect for romantic nights in - the heady, Middle-Eastern fragrance of oud wood oil is incredibly sensual.

What to expect:

  • Top notes of sandalwood and rosewood
  • Central notes of vetiver, tonka bean and amber
  • Base note of oud wood oil

Oud wood oil is one of the world’s most expensive ingredients, and for good reason. It oozes sex appeal, which makes it ideal for intimate evenings with loved ones. In this particular fragrance, the depth of oud oil is complemented by two other woody scents (rosewood and sandalwood) and lifted with the sweet notes of tonka bean and the freshness of vetiver.

Where to use it?

Anywhere you plan on getting romantic! Set the scene by placing it on the table while you’re eating dinner or have it by the bath as the ultimate way to unwind.

A candle for every occasion

It’s a good idea to build a candle collection, to ensure you’ve got the perfect fragrance to match the occasion. Our candles each come in a chic black glass holder, which means they can be used as a decorative item in their own right. If you’re looking for some candle inspiration, check out these images. 

Each of our candles is made of high-quality ingredients, which not only ensures they produce amazing, atmospheric scents, but also means they offer hours of burning time. They’re the best way to create ambiance and make your home smell fabulous at all times. If you’re looking for the best fragrance candles available, check out our website to view our collection.

Disclaimer: all products mentioned above, along with their labelling, are a guide and should not be confused with the actual fragrance brand. Any name trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective designers or makers. Please note, these perfumes and candles are not to be confused with the originals, and we have no affiliation with any companies mentioned. Our interpretations of the fragrances and candles were created through chemical analysis and personal development, and their description is solely to give the customer an idea of the nature of the scent. It is not designed to mislead or confuse the customer in any way, and does not infringe on the manufacturer's or designer's name or trademark.

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  • Glen Francis

    Very impressed with executive and Chanel fragrance, the same lasting effect as the original fragrance that they are based on.
    Would definitely recommend

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