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Best Cocoa Fragrances and Summer Scents

Best Cocoa Fragrances and Summer Scents

It's arguably the most wonderful time of the year. The long summer days are filled with beach-side BBQs and the community is bustling as neighbours come together and converse from their gardens.

The temperate evenings mean you can sit outside and admire the sunsets as they beautifully blaze with shades taken from a palette of burnt oranges and dusky reds.

You've finally reached the page on your fridge calendar where you'd marked your long-awaited trip to a sun-soaked location. The time to enjoy all of the eagerly anticipated lazing by the pool with friends and family is here.

Summer always brings happy, positive vibes filled with joy. Do you know what makes all of this that bit better and glee-inducing? There's World Chocolate Day this week. 

Chocolate lovers everywhere rejoice, as if we needed another reason to dig in and eat chocolate! Sunshine, summer ambience and chocolate, what a great combination.

So, in honour, we are bringing you suggestions for the best cocoa fragrances and summer scents. This means you can indulge your sweet cravings and smell absolutely delicious this summer season and World Chocolate Day.

Chocolate Fragrances for You to Try This World Chocolate Day

Inspired by Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille: Classiest of Chocolate Fragrances

If you're a gourmand lover or want to try out gourmand scents, TV which is inspired by Tobacco Vanille could be a great place to start. This is a bold, opulent scent that is warming, charismatic and definitely not shy. It has good reason to boast, it smells absolutely luxurious. As far as chocolate scents go, it's not sickly sweet but gives a subtle nod to its chocolate association.

The Tonka bean and vanilla also help to sweeten the payload as the tobacco delivers a projection of potent opulence and communicates the grandeur of a dignitary's parlour.

With just one smell, you can imagine that you're there. The finest of cigars lay in purpose-made wooden boxes, freshly cut and ready to be enjoyed, emanating their rich aroma around the room. Various incense burn-a-top of a mahogany chesterfield and assortments of the most indulgent, silky chocolates are on display, ready for your selection.

This divine inspired chocolate fragrance is a sumptuous scent that is for any chocolate lover. For those who also want a fragrance that is much more than just a chocolate scent, it's also a sophisticated, daring and entirely captivating personality.

Inspired by Tom Ford - Black Orchid: Best Chocolate Perfume for Women

Another chocolate perfume idea and perfect for anyone who loves gourmand fragrances. This is one of the best chocolate perfumes for those who want to spray it and really be aware of the chocolate note on their skin.

This choco musk hybrid fragrance called Orchid is the chocolate perfume lover's dream. Truly one of those chocolate fragrances for those with a sweet tooth, and a sweet nose. You will go to chocolate heaven every time you smell it as cocoa powder makes this fragrance flavorful and sumptuous.

A deep, rich Eau de Parfum, this is for lovers of dark chocolate more than it is for those who prefer milk chocolate. The exotic ylang ylang pairs with sweet blackcurrant and enduring musk notes. This creates an impeccable-smelling collaboration that dances through your nose like a silent ballerina dressed in black, pirouetting as she hypnotises you into an intoxicating trance.

Thanks to the dark chocolate notes, you can really appreciate the addictive smell of raw cocoa beans that help to make this a most delicious gourmand fragrance, well worthy of adorning your wrist and neck. Orchid is perfect for a night time event when you want to entirely captivate all those within your close vicinity and be sure that they don't ever forget you.

Scents that are Perfect for Summer

If you need something lighter and fresher than the chocolate gourmand fragrance suggestions on this list, keep reading. Sometimes in the sunny and humid weather, a crisp, zingy option that wears like a traditional summer fragrance is more preferable.

Hot temperatures can amplify your fragrance's output</a> and cause it to disappear faster.

So, you might want to consider scents that are innovated for the summer heat and disperse at a slower rate. Because of the reduced output, they won't entirely engulf the noses of people standing close by if hot temperatures are a factor of your environment. Instead, they will give those smelling you a breath of fresh, seasonal fragrance.

Inspired by Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino: For Lover's of Orange Zest

This scent called Neroli encapsulates the spirit of summer vibes. Post-spritz it's a vibrant and relaxed start on your skin as you enjoy citrus-themed top notes of mandarin orange and Sicilian lemon and heart notes of rosemary and lavender.

Upon the base notes' entrance, you'll begin to pick up the amber and musk that slowly mature this otherwise playful yet simultaneously chilled option.

This is the scent for those that want the vibrancy of a Mediterranean citrus grove in the glow of a mid-July afternoon, with nothing to distract you but the sound of birds and a breeze passing through the leaves. Pure, sunlight-infused happiness.

Inspired by Creed - Love in White: Feminine, Floral and Elegant

Love W, the fragrance created with inspiration from Creed's Love in White is a classy choice for the modern lady.

This scent has the poise of a fanciful woman, dressed effortlessly chic in an oversized sun hat whilst delicately sipping afternoon tea from the finest china cup. She's surrounded by the manicured nature of a stately garden as the golden afternoon sunshine cascades down.

She derives enjoyment from the seemingly most trivial observations, the chorus of song birds, the smell of fresh-cut grass, the zest from the slice of lemon that sits in her tea. In this moment in time, at this breath, life is good.

Some of the fragrance notes Love W includes are magnolia, amber, Bulgarian rose and the most delectable vanilla. Floral notes truly feminise this beautiful, classical scent that will smell just right on a pleasant day.

Floral fragrances are perfect for the warmer temperatures of summer as floral notes are often softer and less overwhelming, citrus making a great, moderate weight option for summer notes also. Additionally, the lingering scent of summer specific fragrances usually smell fresher due to lighter ingredients being used for base notes.

Love W is no exception to this rule and makes a good choice if you need something that is on the side of lightweight and zingy, more so than potent and intense.

Inspired by Creed - Silver Mountain Water: Summer Ready Eau de Parfum

SMW is an inspired fragrance created using Silver Mountain Water's aromatic genius. An ideal Eau de Parfum choice for those needing a summer-optimised scent that won't pack a total punch to the nose. It's aquatic, vibrant and fresh. Another citrus-infused scent that mixes things up with soothing green tea and fragrant bergamot.

This fragrance is entirely fitting as both a masculine and feminine fragrance, although better known as being associated with male wearers.

With its sultry musky finish, it really keeps your admirers on their toes as the citrus notes die down to reveal the remaining light but musk-filled seductive notes. Exciting, fresh and entirely sexy.

Buy SMW, Inspired by Silver Mountain Water | Copycat Fragrances UK

Need some more zest in your life? How about a little spice? Read about Noir Extreme, the subtly spicy and sizzling citrus scent filled with orange blossom, mandarin, saffron and cardamom notes. This fragrance is a creature of the night, it wants you to come out and play.

Guys, got wood? Got wood fragrances that is? Check out the overview on Oud Wood Fragrance, why you need to wear it and how it is potentially the sexiest fragrance ingredient in existence.

Then again, maybe you need to take a little read about the fragrance wheel so that you can better inform yourself about the different types of notes and what it is that you really crave to have on your wrists before you buy your next scent? 

You will save yourself a lot of money and time by understanding the categories of fragrance notes and what they smell like, also which ones are suited to your taste. Imagine being in-shop and being able to pick out the perfect fragrance for yourself based on its notes? The power is with you and you smell superb.

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