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About us

Scent matters.

Our lovingly developed fragrances are based on some of the world’s most iconic parfums and aftershaves. 90% of our ingredients are the same as the big-name brands; in fact, the only thing that’s not near-identical is the cost.

We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship that goes into making our scents and the high standard of ingredients used to create them. We’ve recently been working especially hard at improving and expanding the selection of fragrances that you have to choose from.

We’ve also been honing, updating and changing our existing products making them even more long lasting, so you now get even greater value at affordable prices.


Cheap Designer Inspired Perfumes & Aftershaves By CopyCat

A beautiful fragrance can capture an emotion or a moment and createa a wonderful memory because the smell is the most powerful of our five senses. In the past, women wore a signature perfume that was intrinsically linked to them, but today, women’s perfumes are viewed as a wonderful accessory that can vary depending on their mood and occasion.

Women’s fragrances are sensual and fun. They can be bold and striking, light and fresh, classic, subtle or seductive.

Our cheap designer perfumes make it possible for everyone to enjoy the gorgeous world of fragrances every day.

Fragrances for men are just as important, as they can say a great deal about a man. The best fragrances for men include classic scents, light sporty perfumes and others that are fun, masculine and incredibly sexy.

Aftershaves can be worn for all occasions including formal meetings, casual pastimes and of course, romantic moments. We offer you a wonderful selection of the best aftershaves for men at affordable prices so that you can choose the ones that complement your personality perfectly….